never in one million years did I think I would be posting something like this. I am so sorry my angel girl. I love you so fucking much. you changed my life the moment you entered it and you will continue to change it every single day I go on living. you taught me so much about what it means to love and I’ll never forget it. I never thought grief felt from an animal could hurt so incomprehensibly bad. completely run out of tears. rest in peace Georgia, my sweet baby angel. I love you more than you will ever know. you are everything.


  • manicgrey627 days ago

    I have been there, and there is nothing worse. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  • _beltikovaa26 days ago

    💯🤗🤗dogs will grow into one of us... like family...I've created such a bondddd with mine for 11 years❤️❤️❤️❤️keep your head up

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  • brzzy__25 days ago

    i hope my cat meets your dog in a animal heaven

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  • xorayannexo19 days ago

    omg ur shirtless where tf is my water

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  • lucy_pottee7 days ago

    I'm so sorry michael R.I.P. Georgia I love u stay strong

  • lil.chiweenie5 days ago

    @michaelclifford So sorry for your loss. My fur baby just passed away 3 weeks ago. It is insane how much a dog can mean to you. I ordered a cremation necklace that I wear everyday, so my little guy is always with me. You might get one! Peace ✌🏻