• lyzgichob7 months ago

    They can afford a smile . How precious.

  • sofia.azzahra7 months ago

    tell them prayers for them every salah 😪😘🇸🇬

  • juaramp6 months ago


  • belkyzgarcia6 months ago

    Bellas Dios la bendiga y la lleve con bien

  • govv26 months ago

    Que tristeza ver en la sitúacion como se encuentra su pais y el sufrimiento de las personas para sobrevivir

  • hennalounge6 months ago

    Love the sassy one out front. They're going places, despite the hardship!

  • sandra_cas176 months ago

    🌸 Hope their smiles last forever 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  • diddlezzz6 months ago

    imagine being the one dude with like hella pictures of refugees and someone asks to see your phone, like what do you do