Connor @connortron17 days ago · Burger King

Went uphill ski walk boarding last weekend with these two and holy shit was that ever a lot of work. 3 of the most excruciating hours of my life to get to the summit but the snacks at the top and bottomless turns with some good friends was worth it.


  • belledebeaujolais14 days ago

    Oh my, ski walk boarding... I think it is simply called touring :)

  • belledebeaujolais14 days ago

    The zesty days have taken us to so many amazing destinations!

  • connortron10 days ago

    @belledebeaujolais can’t say I’ve ever heard that crazy slang haha. I’ll be in your neck of the woods a bit starting next year. Kicking horse is on the epic pass now. We can do this “touring” thing

  • persianhackers.ir7 days ago

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  • fouadsouaci124 days ago

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