Erin Sands @erinsandshealth1 year ago ยท 

I'm often asked how I find time to bake fresh bread. Simple! By pre-mixing gluten-free flours! I take some time once every month or two to pre-mix my flour combos with everything except the yeast. Then all I have to do is pour the mix in a bowl, add warm water, yeast, or sourdough starter, let it rise, and bake! I'll often throw one together before bed and in the morning I have a nice bubbly dough that I can just pop in the oven! I also keep on hand my gluten-free flour blends, for quick muffins or pancakes. I love these chalkboard labels! I can erase and rewrite! ๐Ÿž #freshglutenfreebread #glutenfree #glutenfreebread #dairyfree #freshbread #prep #breadprep