Akari SGH @akari_sgh1 year ago · 

Hey loves! Did you know I'm addicted to lipstick? My problem has always been that my lips are so chapped the lipstick makes it look worse. As a model, that really sucks!!! I recently got some Kat Von D lipstick (Studded Kiss in "Lovesick") and it's pretty awesome. It doesn't make my lips look gross and flaky. Can you even tell my lips are dry as hell in this photo?! Plus, the packaging is cool, I love the studs and the metal inspiration. You all know how much of a metalhead I am 😉🤘 To all my followers interested in makeup, I definitely recommend this line. It's hydrating, smooth, and really wearable. Sephora's got it, and I'm hoping they have the whole range of shades because I want that crimson red, Nahz fur Atoo 😁 Life update: The house is coming along. The floors are done and we are putting molding in now. After repairs, two inspections will be done and once passed, we can finally move in! I've missed modeling. Once I am ready to start again, this Instagram will be much more active. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience during this stressful time. <3 #studdedkiss #contest #complimentary @katvondbeauty @influenster


  • sandandcities1 year ago

    Plus that’s a beautiful color on you!! I’m obsessed with Lovecraft, myself (for a plethora of reasons 😂)

  • umutcan_776 months ago

    Very sweet mimic and charming

  • darren.nealus2 months ago

    My lips only get dry and chapped when I don't drink enough water.