HANNA ÖBERG @hannaoeberg5 months ago · 

How do you get the Hip Thrusters to make you cry?? I’ll tell you.. DO THIS!!! 🔥🔥🔥 ⚠️ PERSONAL TIPS; Keep both lower back and neck in a natural "follow" when you lift the weights up and down. If you wanna be sure that you are keeping your back straight, leave your chin against your chest and look straight forward at all time! In that case you can't over stretch your lower back cuz you can't go further up! Feet and knees in the same direction! Keep your booty under tension the whole time. The RESISTANCE BAND will force your legs towards each other.. so by keeping them steady and straight you are activating your hip abductor as well!! 4 SET OF; ⚠️1. 10-15reps WITH weights ⚠️2. 10-15reps BODY WEIGHT ⚠️3. 10-15sec TENSION TAG YOUR FRIENDS AND TRY TOGETHER!! 🤗 Resistance bands FROM @bootybuilder.official


  • vcupic4 months ago

    When I do that my booty never hurts. I can't seem to activate glutes enough

  • imno.ot3 months ago

    Lovvvvve it, I’ll try thisss💛