#Repost @instagram ・・・ Photo by @paulnicklen After 17 years with National Geographic, wildlife conservation photographer and cinematographer Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) felt compelled to start something new. “I wanted to see immediate impact through photography,” explains Paul, who co-founded SeaLegacy (@sea_legacy), a collective of visual storytellers who document the biggest issues facing our oceans today. “My goal is to use my camera to connect people to the species of animals that need our help.” On #WildlifeConservationDay, Paul offers this message: “I want people to understand that animals are all part of a complex ecosystem. You cannot dismiss an insect while pouring your love and attention into panda bears and baby white harp seals. We need to realize that entire ecosystems are connected, from the very top to the very bottom.” Starting today, when people search for a hashtag associated with harmful behavior to animals or the environment, they will see a content advisory screen. We are committed to fostering a safer, kinder world both on Instagram and beyond. #art.of.graphic