Silvia Lawrence @heartmybackpack7 months ago · Rurikoji Temple

Ruriko-ji Temple is a Japanese National Treasure, and it easily rivals the most magnificent temples I’ve seen in Kyoto – except without all tourist crowds and streets full of souvenir shops. Yet another reason why I ❤ Yamaguchi so much!  #CHUGOKU_SHIKOKUxTOKYO


  • thesewilddreams7 months ago

    This was one of my favourite places in Kyoto - love this shot of it 😍

  • acesniper567 months ago

    The place i will soon meditate

  • bargobad56337 months ago


  • beyondthewall.travel7 months ago

    Looks incredible, reminds me of the times spent playing Age Of Empires

  • wwild17 months ago

    This is a fluid work of art. Great pic of the structure flowing into the landscape!

  • hjory107 months ago

    I want go to this place in later time