Gab Scanu @gabscanu11 months ago · Mona Vale Beach

The best thing about it being summer is I get to revisit some of my favorite spots again! This place never fails to amaze me!this shot is my new phone background and I want to give it to you guys to do the same so leave me a comment and let me know why you’d use it!!


  • jonikopf5 months ago

    Omg your posts are soooooo epic 😍 I love the blues and the oranges 😊 keep it up 👌🏼

  • schnooze5 months ago

    @donaldkennethreed this guy is obviously super pro but think of all the possibilities with your drone!! This is of Mona pool - your old stomping ground x

  • arsalankhan475 months ago

    I need one. I love earth or eagle eye pics

  • elisakatharina.jr4 months ago

    Your work is so fucking amazing. Im so in love with it.