• fares_dxb883 days ago

    الله يحفظه ياارب ❤️

  • shabips2 days ago

    Salam n love u HH king, maybe i am from other country but i feel warm in my heart when i c u just the way i felt about my late Father,in this love there is no wealth fulfill my heart the way i felt every time i saw u....i think ALLAH did some thing to my soul to feel u,there will be a son like person who will always pray for u my dear HH King father ,blessings for the whole family, cc by @Hamdan bro:)HH crown Prince.

  • zayed8092 days ago

    Exceptional boy , exceptional daddy 👍

  • seamandxb1 day ago

    الله يطول بعمره ويحفظه

  • uaeo91 day ago

    الله يحفظه ويطول بعمره