Have you seen this bird? The Gray Catbird is one of many delightful birds found within Shenandoah National Park. Named for its catlike 'mew' sound, this bird has a repertoire of over 100 different vocalizations! Gray Catbirds summer in wooded and shrubby areas across much of the Eastern United States, so keep your eyes open and your ears ready-there may be one in your backyard! #GrayCatbird #FindYourPark #ShenandoahNP


  • just2hikers4 months ago

    Should be called angry catbird. It sounds pretty mean.

  • camjeans4 months ago

    I called out to a pair in late Spring, they came to feed me worms but realized I was not what they were expecting- then the next couple of days followed me around the yard. I can only assume they were juveniles. Adorable!

  • ponyup05wv4 months ago

    I have a few in my yard, they follow me around.

  • ivryticklr624 months ago

    We have a couple of them around our feeders in western Maine. Sleek and pretty!

  • naturespirit314 months ago

    They can be quite the characters. I love talking back to them lol

  • hannieforever774 months ago

    Idk bcs I don't stare at birds everywhere I go....

  • slrnm4 months ago

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