Named by the Whitney Survey in 1863, Unicorn Peak is one of the prominent features encircling Tuolumne Meadows. In naming the peak, Josiah Whitney explains that its unique shape easily gave way to its mythical name. He also adds that "names are frequently given to prominent objects, by parties like ours, for convenience; as where peaks are used for topographical stations. If not named, they would have to be numbered, which would be both awkward and inconvenient." • Have you come up with your own name for recognizable features in the park? Share below!


  • khutchdrivebys11 months ago

    When working up at "The Point" I called Half Dome "The Rock."

  • jlyle5511 months ago

    @rimo522 Yes, I'm fairly certain this peak had a name long before Mr Whitney made his appearance...

  • wax_noetic11 months ago

    I always thought Narwhale Peak on this one.

  • nature_meets_camera11 months ago

    Nice view, looking forward this september holiday over there 😎

  • pete_011 months ago

    We really like the names "Ahwanee," "Curry Village," "Yosemite Lodge"& "Wawona." Part of the park's heritage.