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Photo by @FransLanting On World Elephant Day we honor the mighty ones who tower above all others and fill us with awe. And we salute the organizations that are in the frontline of elephant protection to ensure there will be a future for these magnificent creatures. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of elephants and others who need our support. @natgeocreative #respect #dignity #wisdom #elephant #awesome #protection #wild #WildAid #SaveTheElephants #WorldElephantDay


  • erikakrook71593 days ago

    Jättefin bild😉😊🤗☺🙂🤗😃😄😆😀😆😁😀

  • arciena30223 days ago

    Nice view of the elephant there and I must say it that animals definitely are on fleek

  • suzonkers3 days ago

    Magnificent and extremely intelligent animals!

  • _rowen_w3 days ago

    Beautiful photo 💞

  • bonidn1 day ago