National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel7 months ago · San Francisco, California

Video by @tobyharriman // I was digging back through my archive and found a few more clips from one of the most beautiful mornings I ever witnessed when I was living and documenting San Francisco. Above this photogenic city in a helicopter is one of my favorites places to fly, especially when months of planning come together just the way you wanted and you get the fog, everyone's schedule and timing to align. These are a few shots of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid building. Follow me @tobyharriman for more aerial video scenes. Music @jteveringham #sanfrancisco #aerial #natego #natgeotravel


  • da5ka6 months ago

    I ❤️SF

  • eladuchpace6 months ago

    Can't help it but reminds me of Nimrods tower & we know what happened there ⚡

  • guitouni_136 months ago

    Why the hell did you capture only the ugliest building in this wonderful city ?

  • tomernsti6 months ago

    can someone tell me the name of this music