Kayne Tremills @kayne_tremills2 years ago ยท 

Guys, guys, guys!!!! Finally I get to say something.. #ohyuck is a TV show, about all things super nasty and vial, filmed in Toronto, Canada.. it airs this Monday morning on @channel7 's #7Two @ 7:30am.. I play the very weird and gross Dr.Septico Yuck, it's a riot!


  • gracekoh_2 years ago


  • bayleywilson2 years ago

    Ummmmmm I'm going to be a die hard fan

  • joelbp2 years ago

    YES BRO!!!!!

  • sferreiraaaa2 years ago

    YEESSSS so so so proud and excited for this!!!

  • mrtombell2 years ago

    Yew!!! Yeah boy. Proud of you brother bear! Can't wait to check it out x

  • alyciatom2 years ago

    So the role wasn't much of a stretch for you? ;) I will find this to check it out. Excited for you!