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@mcm_mattmary  Graphic designer & guitar tinkerer from Los Angeles, CA, ancestors from Corsica (just so you Corsicans know why I'm following so many of you).

12 days ago

LAPD Museum was pretty cool, but the restroom was kinda questionable (2nd pic) 😜 at Los Angeles Police Museum

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19 days ago

After years of trying, we finally made it in this thing. #thebroad at The Broad

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28 days ago

Bill Purray, aka Kramer, now aka “The Catropractor.” My shoulder has been hurting for a few months, rotated fine but couldn’t lift it straight out past a certain angle before it hurt too much to push it any farther. The other day at around 5:30am, Bill jumped off the aquarium next to my bed and landed square on my stomach like a cannonball, which caused me to lurch forward in a weird way that lead to a BLINDING pain in my shoulder, seriously thought I was going to have to drive myself to the hospital with one arm. After a few minutes of laying there in agony, the pain started to go away, and much to my surprise I regained full range of motion in my shoulder! I guess some ligament or something had worked it’s way out of its normal spot, and Bill managed to pop it back in place. Thanks for saving me a trip to the doctor Bill! Might have to look into opening his own practice now. #adoptdontshop #blackcatsrule #catdoctor

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2 months ago

Bird of paradise bloomed up pretty good after the rains we had. #pond #koi

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2 months ago

Old man Brutus enjoying a little sunshine, 15 years old and still kicking ❤️

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4 months ago

I asked Siri to remind me to turn off the hose in ten minutes, and this is what I got 😜 That’s even better than the time I said “Next song” and she tried to “Text Mom.” #siri #watchyourmouth #fail @apple

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6 months ago

I’m always teasing Brutus whenever he starts barking at his reflection in the sliding glass door, but then I woke up to this and thought one of my cats had somehow gotten outside and was rubbing her face against the post on the patio.

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7 months ago

Line didn’t look too bad when I showed up, but I think this guy has been waiting a while... #vote at Van Nuys, California

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10 months ago

Damn, this one’s gonna leave a mark. Lost my dear sweet Bijou yesterday morning, almost a month after her 15th birthday. She’s had a rough run over the last year, so at least I can take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that she’s not suffering anymore. As much as I loved her, I wish I could have done more. Giving some extra love to her brother Brutus right now ❤️ Video at the end is the last one I have of her, standing up and eating her breakfast the day before she passed.

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11 months ago

Hard to believe Brutus and Bijou both turn 15 years old today, where does the time go? Happy Birthday to my two best buddies ever ❤️ #dogsofinstagram

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