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Drawing from elements of abstraction and romanticism, Josephine’s current work explores perception, the limitations of art and the artist’s control over a viewer’s response. The works experiment with how much information needs to exist in a piece for it to be perceived and accepted as art; raising the question of why a viewer instinctively objectifies and tries to ‘makes sense’ of abstraction, composing naturalistic images from unintended shapes and forms. . . . #josephinecottrell #printmaker #mandmmakermonday #maudandmabel #cerealmag at Maud and Mabel

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A contemporary gathering of vessels from Derek Wilson whose work is a complex blend of the abstract to the familiar. An anecdote from our summer shoot with Rory Gardiner and Sania Pell.

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New tones of grey clay from talented as delightful ceramic artist Abigail Schama available now at Maud and Mabel. See text below from Abigail. Also open studio just this afternoon at Abigail’s soulful studio 27 Mortimer Road NW10 ‘ ‘Grey As a painter I would think of the first color to meet the canvas, not simply as background, but ground. The underneath or behind being from which light emanates. Having no behind, a pot can be experienced fully, inside and out. The clay body or ground is the source, the canvas, the body, not just the skin. Grey can be associated with being ill or elderly; washed out, stressed. I think of this clay body as robust and generous yet quiet. So shifting, for now, to a grey ground is an opportunity to bring light and movement from a more ambiguous place, not porcelain nor black. Rather than compromise, this is a softer, more nuanced language. We tend to think of grey as medium, whereas I am working with it here as a place from which other hues can be seen; warming, lightening and animating. A ground which welcomes being draped in fine tissues of veils and marks. “ A grey day provides the best light.” Leonardo da Vinci’ #handcrafted #ceramics #goldlustre #abigailschama #craftmanship #openstudio #londoncraftweek

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Excited to welcome the work of Yasha Butler to Maud & Mabel. “From sculptural vessels to simple wall hangings, my work gives people the tools to craft spaces that they love living in." Artist, designer and maker Yasha Butler crafts modern vessels out of clay that commemorate the old and the forgotten. Compelled by her need ‘to create objects that add a sense of calming poetry to our lives’, she builds through coiling and carefully selects tones that can be found in nature. Having lived and worked across the globe, Yasha has since 2016 called Dublin her home where she spends her days creating, exploring the city and sharing with her family. #yashabutler #handmade #madebyhand #ceramics #pottery #maudandmabel

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Another collection of Charlotte McLeish’s wonderfully characterful vessels now available. Hand built using coil and pinching methods, Charlotte combines her slips and washes with organic materials such as sand and clay which she has collected during her walks and travels. This is a connection between the places she has visited and her work, resulting in each piece being completely unique and full of character. #handbuilt #coiled #vessel #handmade #madebyhand #ceramics #stoneware #maudandmabel #charlottemcleish at London, United Kingdom

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