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4 days ago

Serene — Noble balance and proportions. Sacrée Barragán.

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13 days ago

For those who got the chance to meet Oscar Niemeyer, it comes as no surprise to learn that women were an inspiration in his work. At the end of his life, he handed me a letter explaining that life was only worth living it accompanied by women. For this year's International Women's Day I chose to make a parallel between Roberto Burle Marx's lines and Niemeyer's curvilinear buildings, both celebrating women's bodies. . . . . #robertoburlemarx #oscarniemeyer #internationalwomenday #architecture #brazil #curves #architecturephotography #streetphotography #building #linabobardi #brutalism #body #woman

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23 days ago

Copacabana , Roberto Burle Marx ,Brazilian landscape architect . Analog film

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