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@matthias.ciprian  Offline on a business trip in Asia Check out the best in high res. on my little website 👇

15 hours ago

Sunset at Marina Bay 🇸🇬 at Singapore

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5 days ago

Nights in the city 🌃 (Exciting, but still prefer the tent in the mountains) at Singapore

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6 days ago

Business trip to Asia - first stop Singapore 🇸🇬 (But that means I miss the first days of the 2019 Milky Way season... 😕) at Singapore

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19 days ago

Nature playing with watercolors (I‘m back from the winter backpacking/snowshoeing trip in Yosemite, pics are in the oven, stay tuned...) PS: got lucky with the firefall in Yosemite, it was awesome! at Walensee

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1 month ago

Going offline About to go off the grid for a snowshoe/backpacking ⛺️ trip in the Sierra (Yosemite) - I‘ll be back! (Shot from a similar trip in the Swiss Alps 2 years ago) at Glarnerland

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1 month ago

Witch head Nebula - can you see it? This reflection nebula lies nearby well known Orion and is just amazing. It takes little imagination to see the face which gave this nebula it’s name. To the right of it is the blueish bright supergiant star Rigel. The night skies never fail to impress. Geek stuff: 60x1min exposures at f/4.0, ISO 800 with a non-modified Nikon D850 and a 135mm Samyang lens; it was quite a battle with the light pollution... at Switzerland

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1 month ago

Pinky mountains (The view from front porch!!) at Glarnerland

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1 month ago

Dynamic Winter Sky (Have I mentioned that the sensor of the new Mavic 2 Pro Drone is amazing) at Glarnerland

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1 month ago

There’s something about Winter Sunrises Your hands are freezing as if they’re about to fall off, you don’t feel your feet anymore, and it is taking that golden ball forever to climb, but then, then it is like a perfectly arranged symphony... at Churfirsten

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2 months ago

The very first rays of light at Walensee

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2 months ago

Vertigo - don’t look down... Can you name the famous peaks visible in the background? at Glarnerland

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2 months ago

„Above the clouds, freedom is without limits“ at Walensee

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2 months ago

Eye in the sky Last night’s halo above the Mürtschenstock at Kerenzerberg

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