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@maryakhalil  CEO @vipeel, The world’s first painless chemical peel 🙌🏼 Mom to Jude, Serene & @Ozzieottothedood

4 days ago

Can’t believe tonight is the @gameofthrones finale. Dylan and I built our whole relationship on watching together on sundays, hence why I walked down the aisle to the epic theme song. Tonight is bittersweet to say the least- plus I’m missing my got compadre @andreafeczko. Let’s see how this all ends!! #castlevibes #got at Beachwood Canyon

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4 days ago

Blood is thicker than water, but is it thicker than wine? Love spending time with NY family in LA. Cant believe we Made it to the west side twice this month 😱 #capo #santamonica #bestfood at Capo

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2 months ago

The @vipeel team is honored to support @elizabeth_house Elizabeth House exists to provide shelter, hope and support to homeless, pregnant women and their children by addressing their physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs in a nurturing atmosphere. Elizabeth House has been serving women and children in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years. A truly incredible cause. As a new mom of two, this organization reminds me how fortunate I am and how much more I can do for others. Thank you for Inspiring me. #elizabethhouse #vipeel at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

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2 months ago

People of Instagram- take a moment to remember, that every single one of you, used to fit in a sink 🤯 Our butts will never be this cute and small again. Happy 5 months Serene #5monthsold #vacationvibes at Ojai, California

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2 months ago

Can’t tell whose ponytail is longer 🤔 But can tell that this was a very special moment dropping Jude off at school together for the first time. So proud that there were no tears at drop-off from any of us! #toddler #judekhalilotto at Los Angeles, California

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3 months ago

At our house, it’s always been international women’s day every single day. Our middle eastern dad got blessed with three daughters, and he never once treated us differently or resented us because we were girls. Instead, My mom and him raised us to believe we could achieve absolutely anything (as long as we got a’s) and look at us now- a doctor, a lawyer and a ceo. Breaking cielings, boundaries, and hearts daily. And like Dylan said in our wedding speech, he quickly learned “in the Hispanic culture it’s not the men, but the women you fear” #balancedforbetter #internationalwomensday

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