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4 days ago

. Sunset along the Bow River in Banff National Park this weekend. Love it when that soft evening light hits Castle Mountain and adds a golden glow. I was fortunate to be part of an amazing creators summit in Kananaskis this weekend which was graciously hosted by @travelalberta. I met so many incredibly talented artists to draw inspiration from, and had a chance to catch up with some good friends. F11 | ISO 100 | 1/3s 3 stop soft grad ND & Polarizer 6 shots focus stacked for front to back sharpness. at Banff National Park

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10 days ago

. The great melt has commenced. Looking forward to scenes like this again. Emerald Lake, British Columbia. Taken with the @nikoncanada D750 with 20mm 1.8 prime. F16 | ISO 50 | 4s at Emerald Lake Lodge

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15 days ago

. A collection of scenes ➡️ from the Northwest Territories. Just finalized plans to return to this magical place this fall. Super stoked! Which photo is your favourite from this collection? at Northwest Territories

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19 days ago

. A few photos showcasing Spring in the rockies ➡️ The slow process of the great melt is about to begin. Can't wait to see those reflections again! Which is your favourite? at Canadian Rockies

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21 days ago

. Lightning is definitely one of my favourite and most challenging subjects to shoot. Here is a few favourites ➡️ from the last couple of years. These photos were all taken with a telephoto lens, it's critical to shoot this dangerous, wild, and unpredictable phenomenon from a distance. Did you know Canada averages over 2 million lightning strikes per year? at Alberta

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22 days ago

. A collection ➡️ of sunrises highlighting Mount Rundle, at Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park. Which one do you like best? at Banff National Park

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23 days ago

. Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner. Besides the warmer weather, what's your favorite thing about Spring? This is one of the locations I use for my photography workshops in Edmonton, AB. I still have some availability for the end of March and early April in small group sessions. Also available for private lessons. Link in bio. at Edmonton, Alberta

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24 days ago

. A series of photos ➡️ from a crazy 16 hour day of storm chasing across central Alberta. From Mammatus clouds to supercells and everything in between. All photos taken with the @nikoncanada D750, with 20mm prime 1.8 lens. #nikon_canada Which image is your favourite? at Alberta

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25 days ago

. A collection of scenes ➡️ from Jasper National Park. Join myself and @deviantoptiks here for a fun filled photography retreat. Just one spot remaining for our June workshop in this area. Early bird pricing ends this Thursday. at Jasper National Park

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28 days ago

. A collection of Summer images ➡️ from Elk Island National Park, Alberta. From mesmerizing sunsets, to stunning northern lights, to ample wildlife, it's a pretty rad place to hang in the summer. Anyone longing for those long summer days and warm rays? at Elk Island National Park

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