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@mariahbeth_  @mariah__morrison @xenadahusky • “having someone to love, something to look forward to and something to do..” the blissful life in Elvis’ Eyes.

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☀️ casually feelin myself #summer2019 ...

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Ilysm #nyc

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Heya “I hate to be alone, there’s too many voices talking..” #3am

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Stay chambered

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Saturday Vibes

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If you know me, you know how much I love my waffles and pancakes 🥞; Eating out at a sit down restaurant(especially when someone asks me); And getting quality time with my very few incredible friends. This last week has been a test for me. Very rough, so getting a text invite from ESTRELLA to have breakfast was a ray of light and hope. She can put me in check faster than a blink and turn around & make me laugh so hard I gotta pull out the inhaler! Honesty, Love, Care and Generosity is what she gives. Thank you my Star ⭐️ We we’re living large this morning 😂🙏 #truefriend #bestboss #breakfast #thankful #love #pancakehouse #waffles #coffee #berries #eggs #bacon #hashbrowns #SPOILED at Pancake House

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Where I belong... 💕 Where I feel alive. Where I feel free. New York you do that to me. This was a beautiful memory #nyc #citygirl

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You were there to Judge. You were there to Control. Where were you to help? Where we there to celebrate your success?

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Cuz I held you down when you were suffering, you were suffering.. 🖤 #selfportrait

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