13 days ago

I’m sorry for making the cover of this song for couple times. This song’s just too good and i never get bored.

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1 month ago

A melody to the rainy day Officially Missing You by Tamia 🎵 #indomusikgram

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2 months ago

We were craving for sushi

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2 months ago

la vacación

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2 months ago

Smile to the things that make life worthwhile and interesting

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2 months ago

Numpang lewat Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder 🎵 Musiknya dari acousticlub #indomusikgram

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2 months ago

U tell me

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3 months ago

When I'm in a stressful condition, music cures me. either I sing along with it, play it, or just enjoy it. I really wanna do that until i forget about the problems behind. But the reality is, i just can't. I have to face what's currently going on with my life these days. --- And this is still my favorite arrangement since forever, Intro Paradox by Isyana Sarasvati and The Tutties. We play this arrangement with our self-taught skills so it might be sounds simpler. But we still happy with this and can't wait for exploring another arrangement this year! #Paradox #indomusikgram

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3 months ago

What u gon do with that dessert? 🍦

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3 months ago

Udah pernah post cover ini tapi karena account pernah kehack, post ini hilang secara misterius :”) so here it is Dengan Caraku by Brisia Jodie ft. Arsy Widianto 🎵🎹 #indomusikgram

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3 months ago

Mendadak kepikiran lagu ini, soalnya kalo denger ini bawaannya chill terus, santai aja gitu 😂😀 🎵 Mind Trick by Jamie Cullum #indomusikgram #mindtrick

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3 months ago

Don’t care if I have flu or fever or whatever. Kinda addicted to this song and i do really miss my keyboard..... 🎵 Bitterlove by Ardhito Pramono #indomusikgram

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3 months ago

Predilection. I’d never expect that i’ll do something that didn’t even cross my mind. It’s a lil bit of passion grows into a huge thing. It’s how I explore my mind in a different way. Something that might unconsciously change the way i live my life.

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4 months ago

Panjang rambut 🤔

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