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@mari_vehkalahti  Life, light & shadows, texture, details, simplicity, people. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

17 days ago

Thinking about visuality while cooking lunch for family. Photographing has been my serious hobby about 3 years. It began as a therapy and own space for a middle age working woman and a mother of three little children, one of them with special needs. It was about noticing beautiful, funny or fascinating things in everyday life. I don't have any kind of visual education. My major subject in university was history. I was greed to learn new. Yesterday I realized I haven't progressed for a long time. And yet I have been posting stuff. 🤔 I made a desicion to quit instagram my pictures (again). And here I am posting (again). What a desicion maker! What a strength! Is it so important to develop skills and eye all the time? I believe I should learn to use Photoshop and start to build pictures. It could be my next level. That level needs time, much much more than just shooting pictures. I'm not sure if I have time and patient enough to that. And have I something to say? Here, carrots in a window, no editing, nothing to say.

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