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@manu__miguelez  Percebes fisherman from Cabo PeƱas reconverted into perfect waves hunter || shooting for fun|| šŸ“ currently šŸ–• @dafineurope

1 month ago

Time to thanks @tonivdwalle for the trust and let me be part of the team one more time , sama sama to the playgrounds guru @stjohnvisual aka ā€œpoyoā€ , you legend Justis , @kanduiresort for the nice crew and stay ... and to my family on land @blakbear aka ā€œteva snoring bearā€ @yonifly aka ā€œdr Kleinā€ doctor claudio aka ā€œvai vai vai caraā€ for the super fun night chats on the jungle room !!! It wouldnā€™t have been the same without you ! Now time to change into the pirate mode !! . . @deanvandewalle @dafineurope @surfakaw #dafinespaƱa #canonespaƱa #canon1dx #waterphotography #surf #mentawai at Di Kota Padang

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