4 days ago

When I met you in the summer to my heartbeat sound, we fell in love. I MISS SUMMER 😢 at Toulouse, France

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7 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day 💖 I send and share with you all my love, may you have a wonderful day with your lover(s). I gonna share my day with the true love of my life, Sunday (my dog obviously) 🦊 Love you all ✨

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13 days ago

I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me 🔒 at Paris, France

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14 days ago

YAY 🎉 « I (just) wanna make you Wet » has been chosen as #setoftheday for @suicidegirls! Been a while, thanks for all your trust, support and love! And for sure, thanks to the best @robgiro ✨💋 at Paris, France

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17 days ago

These 40 exclusive pictures will be available on my IndillBill (link in bio) very soon 😏 at Toulouse, France

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19 days ago

Hear the sadness in your laughterd, she's afraid of what comes after me, true love. 💖

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22 days ago

And in the end, when I die, would you watch me? And if I try suicide, would you stop me? I think I’ma die alone inside my room. Isn’t life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful. at Paris, France

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27 days ago

I feel so blessed, I had the opportunity to work with @polygon1993 for the new video clip of @bringmethehorizon 🙏🏻 Did you guys recognise me?? 😏

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29 days ago

You were in my dream last night, but your face was someone else’s 💭 at Paris, France

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1 month ago

Looking for #editorial photo shoot! If you work with magazine, please contact me at lolajrenault@gmail.com. I live in Paris (FR), will be in Milan (IT) in February and in London (UK) asap! at Milan, Italy

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1 month ago

Come over when you’re sober ✖️ at Paris, France

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1 month ago

Can't go home alone again, need someone to numb the pain † at Paris, France

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1 month ago

Payback is a bad bitch and baby, I'm the baddest 👊🏼 at Toulouse, France

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1 month ago

Giveaway results are available in my story! Congratulations to our two winners! And thanks to all of you for your participation, your support and unconditional love ❤️ Means the world to me. Stay tuned for more contest, share the love to make it happen! at Paris, France

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1 month ago

Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him ; Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted.

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1 month ago

So I started running but I lose my breath ; Too many cigarettes, I smoked me to death ; And I will remember I can feel it all 💣 at Paris, France

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