9 days ago

Dirty everything, windy hair, clear mind, happy soul. I’m realizing more and more that these are the days I’m always nostalgic about, and have been redirecting my life back to as many days in the dirt as possible. #dirtbagdays

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10 days ago

Checklist for this Saturday: 1. Get all of the Enlightened Mint @Guayaki Mate 2. Go to the desert & play on highlines. #howdoyougo #guayaki

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17 days ago

I watched Free Solo for the first time ever the other night. My hands were sweating and my heart was pumping the entire time knowing very well all the little things that we put trust in that can so easily go wrong in this sport we love so much. It brought a new light to how incredible a lot of the humans I surround myself with are. I’m so grateful for all my dirtbag friends and am amazed by the wild things they put their bodies through daily both mentally and physically and the risk that comes along with it all we are so willing to give into. They may not be free soloing 3,000 feet of sheer granite, but walking hundreds of meters over hundreds of feet of exposure, jumping off cliffs, free solos, crazy climbs and boulders.. pushing their bodies to their furthest limits... Yeah.. My friends are freaking nuts. And I love them all so much it hurts. Please none of you do anything too stupid. But if you must, let’s at least get some good photos of it.. Thanks for the good times, good laughs, and for always letting me take photos.. So much love. Xx

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27 days ago

Got to skate at Prince Park in Oceanside today on my way back home from a photo shoot. I’m in love with the parks here these days since I can’t get to the ski hill as easily.. Posting another of @rosalie_mcfall because this was such a rad night. Really excited to skate and shoot more as the summer comes 🌊🌞🍻 #girlgang #ladyskater

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1 month ago

Elise! Lady badass. • This is the beginning of a project. Means a lot to me to have started it off shooting a friend from back in the Mitten in this place we call home. • If you’re a lady skater in San Diego, please dm me cause I’d like to shoot with you over the next few weeks! #girlsskatetoo at Robb Field Skateboard Park

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2 months ago

Stress level: 0 🌿

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3 months ago

I have so many photos of people. Some I know well, and some I only have bumped into. Something in me has always felt weird about posting photos of them and I can’t explain why.. I’ve always posted photos of small people big landscapes cause I’ve felt this intrusion of the soul when I capture a recognizable person. I think it’s time for me to get rid of that thought process and share all of these portrait style photos I have. This is the beginning of many portraits shot of people I’ve known for an afternoon, week, months, or even years. These are some of the closest images to my heart, as capturing souls of these beings in light and color is something so beautiful to me. Grateful for everyone on my path and to be able to capture these souls on film. #35mm #staybrokeshootfilm #filmisnotdead #winteristhebestseason #portraitsofpeople at Powder Mountain

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4 months ago

Big doofus, bigger doofus. Sibling luv, Lake Michigan luv. 👽🖤 at Lake Michigan

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4 months ago

Never quite ready to leave this place as travels approach.. #home #loveCA

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5 months ago

Going through thousands of photographs as I’m re-doing my website and I’m finding an immense gratitude towards all the humans I’ve been able to meet over the years. Some people I’ve been lucky enough to connect to deeply, others just capture their souls in light and color.. All incredible humans. With incredible talents. So much love. Thank you to everyone for letting me document blips of your lives. ⚡️🌌🔮 #grateful #hibbssticksuphillrock #11milesintevas My website is now linked in my profile. You can look at it if you’d like to see what I do..! 🙂

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