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Last year I went and shot the fires through Rincon Canyon. The hurt of seeing the fires engulf the hillsides as fast as a dandelion catching wind leaving charred smoldering earth behind.. people walking down the roads packing out what would be left of their homes.. It was one of the most devastating things I’ve experienced.. My heart is aching tonight as more and more news breaks of the fires that have been spreading again through the hills of Malibu, at only 5% contained in zones “thoughts and prayers” only go so far. Please, see what you can do to help.. there are many donations going around right now and there will soon be clean ups.. I’ll update this post with more pages who help incredible amounts with these fires.. maybe you can help through them ❤️ @helpcalifornia ! @onelovemalibu !@animalhopeandwellness @lafdfoundation @vca #woolseyfire

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Quickly, now!

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20 days ago

Wow. To whiteness such good friends lives on such an intimate level and be able to capture it all... I am entirely humbled by the love they so selflessly share.. and am honored to have been able to take photos of such a momentous event of their lives.. So excited for you both and to watch your love grow more and more. Cheers to the rest of your lives 🥂✨💛 @nicole.farquhar @tkewley #thesoontobekewleys #engagement #loveandgivelove at San Diego, California

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2 months ago

When it’s a million degrees outside and you have to make a fort out of a hammock, a broken umbrella and Jacobs arm with a towel to survive 🌞 #slacklife at Ortega Falls

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Hey friends! I have a few test prints I’m selling for $10 each. This photo isn’t one of them, but it could be I suppose if it floats your boat. I’ll be taking requests for specific prints and sizes within the next month here! For the time being I’m trying to find which to print and what they look best on which leaves me with lots of random extras. So if you want to help a kid out and would like to be an owner of one of my printed photographs, reach out in the messaging part of this instagram thing. I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! All prints currently for sale are in my bio’s highlights. Light & love, Maddie ϟ #35mm #filmisnotdead #staybrokeshootfilm

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Learning to ride with the currents of the cosmos.. Lucky to have lots of cool dirtbags in my life to get me out of the city while my truck sits in the shop.

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A reflection of life’s delicate balance? • Watching this walk was nothing less than humbling. Being able to capture it all, a dream. “ #slacklife” at Lake Elsinore, California

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4 months ago

And remember hard days drivin' miles across county lines.. #35mm

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