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9 hours ago

I stumbled upon the #echium of my dreams today- this stunning, tri colored beauty😍 (and yes I totally swiped some cuttings!🤫). There are so many of them across the Bay that I can’t help but eye spy them EVERYWHERE I GO. I’ll be posting some of my favorites into my stories throughout the rest of the day. And if you’re carpooling anywhere in the Bay Area this Easter weekend, turn it into a travel game and count how many you see along the way! 🌸 🌸 🌸 #prideofmadeira at Bay Area

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4 days ago

Now that her poof has had time to fill back out, Coolio is feeling herself.💁🏻‍♀️ - - #feelingmyself #lookingood

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11 days ago

Coolio got a brand new ‘do! Swipe to see her before, during, and after pictures. With all the rain, her poof had become a muddy mess, so the ponytail helped her get through the worst of it. Now she’s ready for Spring with a flashy punk rock hairdo! She actually seemed to enjoy spa day, loved getting her picture taken and appeared impressed by seeing herself in the mirror afterwards. It was worst destroying my bathtub to see her so happy💖 - - #spaday #newdo #newdowhodis #backyardchickens #backyardchickensofinstagram #backyardpoultry #freerangechickens #pastureraised #pasturedpoultry #pasturedchicken #pastureraisedchickens #polish #polishchicken #whitecrestedblackpolish #coolio @coolio

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23 days ago

Hedwig. Isn’t he a handsome lad?! We are quite pleased to be able to keep a rooster now after a few failed attempts. As most chicken people know, it is not legal to keep roosters in residential areas, and even in pastures the number of roosters must be limited because too many roosters can cause territory and property squabbles and general unrest in the flock. However, last year when we stocked up on rare breed chicks, all the roosters ended up crowing just as loudly as a full sized roo- except for this guy. He still crows, but the pitch and volume is much lower and not as piercing. We also keep him in the garage at night to avoid his early morning crows, then let him out later in the morning. This has been the sweet spot for us- we have a roo for the ladies, a handsome man to hatch cute little half frizzles from, and a non aggressive dude who’s easy to catch & tuck under the arm for cuddles. He has a bit of little man syndrome- every time he gets released in the mornings he has to reasssert his manhood by immediately jumping on the closest lady he can find🤷🏻‍♀️. - So why did we name him Hedwig you ask? This guy’s name was inspired by his uropygial gland, or preen/oil gland found at the base of the tail of most birds of all kinds. This usually inconspicuous little nubbin is a gland that secretes oil that birds use to preen their feathers. Think of it like a hair conditioner but for feathers- it gives their feathers the moisture they need to remain pliable, shiny, clean and water resistant. Functional, yes. Cute? No. Absolutely not. Most birds have plumage that easily covers their gland- the only time I ever notice is if we harvest a bird and have to cut the gland off, but on Hedwig, his nubbin is visible because of his backwards growing feathers. And it is a large, red, angry little inch. Get it?!?! Angry Little Inch?! Zoom in on the last photo to get a good look at his bright red angry looking nubbin🤢. - - #fluffybutt #fluffybuttfriday #frizzlechicken #chickenbutt #rooster #preen #hedwig #hedwigandtheangryinch #backyardchickens #pastureraised #pasturedpoultry #pastureraisedchickens #backyardpoultry

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29 days ago

Pride of Madeira season is starting! If you’re in the Bay Area, you’ll start noticing the giant bushes of purple coned flower spikes that are blooming along roads, hillsides, and hiking trails EVERYWHERE. We love these beauties- this one is in our front yard and just started revealing its signature purple blooms. They range in color from blue to purple to pink and come in many different varieties/ our favorites are the traditional multi spiked variety and the single giant spiked variety, which looks like a Dr Seuss fantasy tree. Both are abundant and grow freely with little/no water in this area, and can easily propagate through cuttings. Enjoy them while you can! - - #prideofmadeira #purpleflowers #bayareablooms at El Sobrante, California

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1 month ago

In the midst of all the coyote drama last week, I forgot to post this glorious bouquet I got at @sallysparks flower shop!! She is doing the flowers for our wedding and I’m so thrilled. We are so lucky to know such a talented and lovely florist who really ‘gets’ our vision and is willing to collaborate with us on making potted centerpieces that will double as favors for guests. And just look at this bouquet she whipped together in 12 seconds! If you haven’t yet visited her at her adorable corner shop in the Mission, I highly recommend it! Thank you Sally!!!🌸🌼🌻💐🌷🌹🌺 at San Francisco, California

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1 month ago

CHICKEN MASSACRE UPDATE: yesterday I posted about six of our chickens being attacked and eaten by coyotes. Then, after being away from home for a few hours yesterday afternoon, I returned home to find my sweet Polish girl (who I already thought was dead from the night before), gasping for air in the middle of the street in front of our house, still warm. We think she managed to escape the coyotes, spent the night in a tree somewhere, then wandered the neighborhood trying to find her way back home, only to be hit by a fucking car only a few minutes before I returned home. She was clearly suffering and not going to make it when I found her, so I made her comfortable and sobbed as I took her out of her misery. I can’t explain here that whole process because it was not easy- Kevin wasn’t home and he is the one who usually dispatches our birds when it’s necessary. I’m too emotionally attached to them, so I can’t do it without getting upset, so having to mercy kill my favorite feathered pet yesterday is now burned in my brain and haunting my dreams. I’m so fucking mad at myself and the coyotes and our fucking neighbors who always drive too fast around this corner- I’ve had two car mirrors completely smashed off by people driving too fast in this same spot, and now a dead pet too. Small glimmer is that the Star Spangled Hamburg managed to return home. I think they got separated & lost in the shuffle- one made it back safely and the other didn’t. They were the two smallest birds, so I imagine they were quick and light enough to fly over the fence and escape while the other heavy bottomed girls were too slow. What an awful couple days this has been. Kev ordered some stuff to make our fence electric- I’m just hoping that the coyotes don’t return before we can set it up. This lifestyle can be extremely hard sometimes, but it’s a choice we’ve made and are sticking to it, despite the harsh realities of nature and the cycle of life. #farmlife

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1 month ago

A heartbreaking day on the farm😔 SIX of our beloved chooks were attacked and killed in the night by what we believe is a pack of coyotes. Since they were babies, we’ve had 5-6 girls that either refuse or are too dumb to put themselves to bed in the coop at night- instead they would perch on a pole just outside of it. So every night, we go out and put them to bed. This has been going on for months. Then the last week or so there have been coyote sightings in the green belt behind our house- even a little face off between them and our chickens with the fence between them. Well, last night they took advantage of what I’m sure they have known for a while was an easy after hours snack. They came into our yard after dark last night, and completely massacred all 6 of my girls while the rest watched and listed in horror from inside the coop as their friends were ripped apart. We found the majority of remains of a Brahma under the deck, but the only thing left of the rest of them were piles of feathers and a distant cry from the last one as we could hear them eating her in the distant bushes. 😩 I’m so fucking mad at myself- we were both not home until after dark, and didn’t go down to put them to bed until very late. It’s not unusual for us to wait until late, but this time it was way too late. These photos and videos are the most recent I have of all six of my girls. Sweet Bonkers, my precious Buff Laced Polish was one of them, and the girl I’m most devastated about. But we also lost 2 Barred Rock, a Brahma, an Ameraucana and a Silver Spangled Hamburg in the massacre. My poor girls I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you and even more sorry that your end had to be full of horror and pain. It’s a quiet day on the farm while the rest of the chooks deal with PTSD and we all prepare & fear of the return of the coyotes. #farmlife

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1 month ago

I know, I know, more pictures of eggs, boooorrring, but I had to share this because I gathered ALL 32 of these eggs this morning!!!😱 With 37 chickens, I think this is a pretty decent output. Nice work ladies!! 👏 Now I’m thinking about what the heck we are going to do this summer when we are regularly getting 30+ eggs a day!! It will be the biggest year for eggs yet! I wonder how I can best share these eggs with local friends- maybe we could send a weekly email/sign up sheet to a list of folks who want to be informed of egg availability? Would that be something my friends would be interested in? First come first served, and the list would roll over so whoever is at the top gets priority for the next dozen. 🤔 Any ideas? - #somanyeggs #eggstravaganza #backyardchickens #urbanchickens #backyardpoultry #backyardpoultrymag #chickenworld #ilovechickens #chickenandtheegg #eastereggs #rainboweggs #egg #eggs #egglover #urbanfarm #freerange #freerangechickens #freerangeeggs #pastureraised #pastureraisedeggs #happychickenshappyeggs at San Francisco Bay Area

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2 months ago

Monkey. Magical, Mysterious Monkey on a tour to own my heart, there are few things I desire more than your love and snuggles. Nestling my face in your chesticle is the highlight of my day, and I dream of giant human sized pillow beds made of your soft belly. Your resting crazy face makes me laugh, and I love being greeted by the diverse range of chirps and screeches and meows you use to get what you want. Grateful to @phodita_lensgirl for these gorgeous shots of Miss Monkey, who would only pose alone and not with the family, like the true diva she is. If it weren’t for the chickens, I would be a full blown cat lady with a whole house full of them, but for now, this blue bodice goddess will have to tolerate my relentless smotherlove all on her own. 😻 😺 😼 🙀 😽 😸 😹 #russianblue #russianbluecat #furbaby #furryfriends #catlady #crazycatlady #catladylife #petportrait #cat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #cats #russianbluesofinstagram

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2 months ago

Our current egg situation. We get about a dozen a day, from our almost 40 chickens. As it is still “winter” and there is limited sunlight, not all of our girls are laying regularly, but to be honest I’m a little anxious to see how many we will be getting daily once summertime is here!😱 If you’re local and in the market for some delicious, nutrient dense eggs laid by happy healthy hens, hit us up! 🥚 🥚 🥚 #egg #chickeneggs #freerange #freerangeeggs #happychickens #pastureraised #pasturedpoultry #pasturedeggs #pasturedchicken #pasturedchickens #pastureraisedeggs #eastereggs #greenegg #greeneggs #biggreenegg #greeneggsandham #blackcoppermarans #fairyegg #eggsforsale at San Francisco Bay Area !!

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2 months ago

Wacka Flaka, Bonkers, Gretel Girl you look a mess! The poor polish birds have the worst time when it rains. They can’t win! When they’re dry, their head poofs are so big that they can’t see much and are therefore easy targets for predators, and when they’re wet, their poofs become heavily dreaded with mud & crud. This is when we break out the hairbands! Ponytails help them see better and eat & peck in the rain without getting all weighed down. Now I just have to catch them! - And apparently there’s something called #wetchickenwednesday 🤷🏻‍♀️ so that’s happening too - - #backyardchickens #polishchicken #bufflacedpolish #backyardpoultry #backyardpoultrymag #chickens #chickensofinstagram #petchickens #wetchickenwednesday #loveyourpetday #featheredfriends

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