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Saturday nights be like 🎸 . Laying on top of all my pillows thinking about keto ice cream 🍨 . We were thinking about going out but this is my mood right now at almost 9pm so chances are we’re gonna @netflix and chill 🎥 🍿 . What are you guys up to tonight? . Any good shows you recommend? The last shows I watched were Breaking bad and Narcos, so if there are any shows that come close to these two please let me know 😄 . Until then, I’ll be here browsing on IG and doing a lil online shopping 🛍 . . #saturdaynightvibes #partypooper #partylikearockstar #ketobabe at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto Gyro 🤤 Made by Nati 👧🏻 . Tag a friend that would love to make this!🥳 @thedonsc . Super easy and bomb 💣 . How many of you are going to make this deliciousness?🙋‍♀️ . •Low carb pita- @josephspitabread •Gyro meat- @traderjoes •Grilled onion •Persian cucumber •Cilantro •Mayo •Lemon . It took Nati about 5 mins chop everything and quickly heat up meat and pita. Super simple. . If an 8 year old can make this, you can too 😅 . . #ketodinner #ketolunch #ketofood #ketomeals #ketojourney #ketoweightloss #ketofriendly #ketosnacks #ketobreakfast #ketoaf #ketolifestyle at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto yum 😋 . Tag a friend that would love this blended drink idea 🥳 @thedonsc . Btw day 6 of staying on track 👏 . Who else is staying strong this weekend?🙋‍♀️ . Drink- I added whip just for the pic 😅, but If you want to drink it, add 2 net carbs. . If you’re out with friends and family and they’re ordering sugary frappes, then this would be a much better option 💯 . •Cold brew - almost no carbs •Heavy cream - 0.5 per tablespoon •Sweetener- 0 net carbs •Whip- 2 net carbs . What do you order when you’re out with friends or family? . . #ketodrink #ketotreat #ketosnacks #ketoonthego #ketojourney #ketoweightloss #ketodiet #ketodessert #ketotips #weightlosstips #sugarfree at Laguna Beach, California

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Saturday’s are made for pancakes 🥞 . Big and fluffy 🙌 . Tag a friend that should see these are keto🥳 . Syrup @choczero 👌 #gamechanger (Discount code: Lowcarblove) . Go make’m 👩‍🍳 . Throw everything in the blender, mix, cook and enjoy 🥳 . Simple ingredients and kiddo approved🥰 . Almond flour blender pancakes . 4oz of cream cheese (microwave 15-30sec) 4 eggs (room temp) 3/4 cup of Almond flour 1 tsp baking powder 1-2 Tablespoons of sweetener 1/2- 1tsp vanilla 1/8 tsp Cinnamon . Coconut flour pancakes . •4oz cream cheese •4eggs •4 tableapoons of coconut flour •1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder •1-2 tablespoons of sweetener or liquid sweetener (I use liquid stevia) . Optional but I always use •1/2 tsp cinnamon •1 tsp vanilla extract •1/2 tsp maple extract . Directions: -Put all ingredients in blender... blend for 45 seconds - 1 minute. -Let sit for 10mins before cooking -enjoy with butter and SF syrup *you can freeze and warm up in toaster or microwave . Who’s making pancakes?🙋‍♀️ @thedonsc . . #ketopancakes #ketoweightloss #ketomeals #ketodiet #ketofood #ketofriendly #ketojourney #ketobreakfast #ketorecipes #easyrecipe #ketoaf #grainfree at Laguna Beach, California

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Happy Friday, guys 🥰 . Day 5 of being back on track👏 #stayingstrong . I plan to stay on track this weekend💪 Who’s with me?🙋‍♀️ . Btw I’m starting a 3 day fast on Sunday🤞 Do any of you want to join me? Donnie @thedonsc said he’s joining us 😅 . If you don’t want to do a 3 day fast maybe you can do a 16, 18, 20, 24 or 48 hr fast 🙌 . Let me know your goal☺️ . . . #ketoaf #extendedfasting #ketojourney #mexicanblogger #ketobabe #naturalface #ketoweightloss #selfie #girlswhotravel #healthygirl #ketotransformation #facetoface #datenightoutfit at Newport Beach, California

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Yummy Keto Lunch 😋 . How does this look? #whatdiet 🤤 . Tag a friend that’s new to keto and needs tips and meal ideas like this one 🥳 . Keep your meals simple, filling and delicious 🙌 . I chose salmon with garlic butter, asparagus and grilled zucchini. @thedonsc and I shared crispy brussels spouts 🤤 . There are always low carb options to choose from. I know it’s not easy when there are carbie options in front of you, but the choice makes a difference. If you have goals you want to reach, you need to stick to the plan💪 . Let’s try and stay on track over the weekend! We got this! . Who’s with me?🙋‍♀️ . . #ketomeals #ketolunch #ketodinner #healthymealideas #ketojourney #ketoweightloss #ketoresults #ketofood #paleofood #lowcarb #weightlosshelp at Costa Mesa, California

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Let’s stay on track this weekend💪 . Who’s with me?🙋‍♀️ . Tag a friend that would find these tips helpful 🥳 . Make your weekend count🙌 . Unless you have a planned “off plan” meal, then don’t do it. No going off track if you’re just starting keto. Trust me! . The weekends have always been my downfall 😭. I have this idea of weekends being a time for “fun” foods, baked goodies and all the treats, but guess what? Monday rolls around and the scale reflects how my weekend went 😏. Then I spend the first half of the week or sometimes the whole week trying to make up for the damage I caused over the weekend. Not worth it. . These are a few tips that I personally utilize when I get a strong urge to cheat/binge. I hope they help 🙂 . The apple cider vinegar concoction helps me a lot 👌Also getting out of the kitchen lol 😂 . Please share any tips that help you overcome the urge to cheat or binge🤗 . . . #ketotips #ketoresults #ketojourney #weightlosstips #weightlossupport #diettips #weightlosshelp #ketogeniclife #ketosis #ketolifestyle #keto at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto treats coming up 🥳 . What do these look like?🤤 . Tag a friend that should see these baked goodies 🍪🥧🍰🍩🧁 @thedonsc . I’ve been in the kitchen ALL day 👩‍🍳 . 5 recipes ✅ . What would you guys love to see me bake or cook?🤗 Let me know because my goal is to make at least 1 new recipe a day 🙌 . . #ketotreats #ketodessert #ketosnacks #ketobread #ketofood #ketorecipes #cheflifestyle #ketojourney #grainfree #ketobreakfast #ketoweightloss at Laguna Beach, California

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Day 4 of being back on track 💯 👏 . Just measured my ketones and I’m at a 0.7 after OMAD 🥳 (meal and dessert) . I like measuring my ketones because I’m able to track how well I’m doing. Am I eating the right foods, too many carbs, too many sweets, etc. If my numbers are below a 0.5 then I know I’m not doing something right. I personally think that a 1.0 reading or above is perfection for weight loss 👌What do you think? . If you guys are struggling with keto and don’t know if you’re doing it “right”. You might want to grab a @ketocoachx kit. The meter doesn’t lie 😅 Use my 10% discount code at checkout ❤️ . Now time for my workout 💪 #ketoexercisechallenge . No gym membership? No problem! You saw me sweat my butt off with Nati yesterday 💪. You can do a home workout, yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️, jump rope, go for a power walk, etc. . How many of you started working out with me this week? OMAD? Keto? How are you guys doing? If you fell off today, tomorrow is a new day 🙌 . Love you guys 🥰 . . #ketojourney #progresspic #healthyish #ketones #eatfattolosefat #ketodiet #ketoresults #ketotransformation #weightlosssupport #diettips at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto bread! 🙌 . I’m about to make these mini loafs this morning 🍞 ( while fasting 😬) . Tag a friend that’s new to keto and would love this recipe 🥳 @thedonsc . I’m going to make some loafs, almond thins ( for sandwiches) and a sweet version ( to have with cafecito ☕️) . Does it taste like Wonder bread? No, but my family and I are happy to be able to have a bread sub that we actually enjoy 👏 . My mom just asked me to make some last night, so her wish is my command 🥰 . Keto Newbies... make these🤗 . Ingredients •1 1/2 Cup Almond Flour •4 Large Eggs •5 Tbsp Unsalted Butter •1 tablespoon Erythritol(optional) •3 tsp Baking Powder . Instructions -Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl -Whisk in the eggs -Melt butter, add to mixture and whisk -Divide mixture equally into 6 parts, place into a Muffin Top pan or equivalent -Bake for 12-17 minutes at 350 degrees (varies by oven, watch the first time) -Let cool on a wire rack . Step by step in my highlights 😉 . If you’ve made these, please let our newbies know if you like and how you use them 👩‍🍳 . . #ketomealprep #ketobread #keto #ketobreakfast #ketolunch #ketodinner #easyrecipe #weightlosstips #ketorecipes #ketofood #grainfree #lowcarbbread at Laguna Beach, California

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I’m so happy to be back on track! 3 days strong 💪 . How many of you are on track 💯, getting there or trying to get there? #wereinthistogether #womenhelpingwomen . I started fasting a little before 3pm. Trying to get back on that OMAD train 🚂 . I’ve been working out erryday this week #ketoexercisechallenge . I feel like I’m finally getting “there”🙌 . Sometimes we fall off and that’s ok. We just need to keep trying. No giving up! . I have good days, so so days and let’s not talk about it days☺️ Nobody’s perfect. . Also, don’t ever compare your journey or results to anyone else’s. “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Focus on your own journey. Try to challenge yourself a little more each week. Don’t compete against anyone other than yourself 💪 . I forgot to share my macros yesterday but I switched apps and will share them later today. . Love you guys 😘 . Photo credit: @thedonsc 📸 . . #ketomom #ketojourney #keto #ketodiet #ketoweightloss #omad #ketodrinks #ketostarbucks #weightlosssupport #weightlosshelp #diettips #ketotips #latinablogger #ketoaf #ketobabe at Laguna Beach, California

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Flax seed cracker recipe 🙌🏼 . Tag a friend that needs these microwaveable crackers asap🥳 @thedonsc . How many of you have made these? If not, do yourself a favor and go make’m 💃 . •1/2 cup of flaxseed meal (I use Trader Joe’s brand) •1/2 cup of water • seasonings to your liking ( at least 1 tablespoon of Italian herbs. Onion/garlic salt or powder and top with pink salt to your liking) . Mix together, then spread on to parchment paper (not wax paper!), place on a plate and microwave for 2mins. Take out and dry the water off the plate and put back in for another 2 mins. Repeat until it’s super crispy (repeat at least 3 times)🤗 . Step by step in my highlights 😉 . Don’t spread too thin, especially if you want to top with avocado or cream cheese and salmon... . Enjoy as a pizza crust, crackers, tostada, etc👌🏼 . Who’s about to make these?🙋‍♀️ Make sure you tag me so I can see what you make 🤤 . Let the newbies know how yours tuned out😋 at Laguna Beach, California

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