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Pumkin Spice Iced Latte 🍂 . Luckily canned pumpkin is sold all year long🥳 . Do yourself a favor and go make this yumminess 🤤 . In case you forgot about it... here’s the recipe 🤗 . •1 -1 1/2 cups milk substitute •2-3 tablespoons of cream •2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree •1/2 tsp pumkin spice •1/2 tsp cinnamon •Sweetener to taste •Ice •Mix really well •Enjoy . Who’s tried this drink and totally loved it?🙋‍♀️ . Tag a friend who needs to make this delicious drink ASAP ❤️ @thedonsc . #healthydrinks #ketodrinks #ketostarbucks #healthydrink at San Antonio, Texas

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Keto Lunch or Dinner Idea 🙌 . Leftover rotisserie chicken turned into this deliciousness👌 . •Leftover Chicken (sauté in a little butter and avocado oil to crisp) •Sauté onion, tomato and bell peppers •Jalapeño *add seasonings of your choice. I like onion powder, salt and pepper. I used to use knorr chicken bouillon, but I’m yet to find a healthy alternative. If you know of one, please let me know🙏 . This is one of my favorite ways to use up rotisserie chicken. What do you make with rotisserie chicken? . Tag a friend that would love this healthy meal idea🤤 @thedonsc . #healthylunch #ketolunch #ketodinner #ketomealprep at San Antonio, Texas

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Good morning from San Antonio, Texas 🤗 . Morning cuddles with my bebe 🥰 . Nati won’t stop talking about a baby brother 😬 I’m like “What if it’s a girl?” Lol 😂She’s like whatever, I just want two 😳 Lol . Anyway... so getting back to reality 💁‍♀️ Donnie @thedonsc is out having coffee on his own... like without me😭How would you guys feel about that? What should I do? Does Donnie deserve a punishment?😅 . Tag a friend that’s starting a weight loss journey and would find my page helpful ❤️ . #momlifeisthebestlife #momlifebelike #mommyandme #mommyblogger at San Antonio, Texas

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Perfect Keto Chili Cheese Dip🥳 . How does this look? 🤤 . Recipe going into my book 📚 . You guys are going to be so obsessed with this!!!🎉 . Think appetizer, party, family gathering, holidays, bbq, snack or even meal prep👌 . I know you guys want the recipe now, but at least you know bomb recipes are comin to you soon👩‍🍳 . Tag a friend that needs to see that Keto food is Bomb 💣 @thedonsc . #ketodinner #mealprepping #ketomealprep #ketosnacks at San Antonio, Texas

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Mini keto bread loafs 🍞 . Meal prep🙌 . What do you guys think of using protein powder in baked goods? Are you guys a fan? . I’m trying to perfect a protein powder bread, but until then you can make my almond bun recipe that’s a staple in my kitchen 👌 . Keto Newbies... make these🤗 . Ingredients •1 1/2 Cup Almond Flour •4 Large Eggs •5 Tbsp Unsalted Butter •1 tablespoon Erythritol(optional) •3 tsp Baking Powder . Instructions -Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl -Whisk in the eggs -Melt butter, add to mixture and whisk -Divide mixture equally into 6 parts, place into a Muffin Top pan or equivalent -Bake for 12-17 minutes at 350 degrees (varies by oven, watch the first time) -Let cool on a wire rack. . Tag a friend that needs this easy bread recipe in their life❤️ @thedonsc . #ketomealprep #mealprepping #healthydinner #healthytips at Laguna Beach, California

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My fave! 🙌 . Thai tea was one of my favorite drinks before keto... little sub here and there and we have a delicious keto Thai tea 💃🎉👌 . I make a big pitcher and drink a few a day lol 😂 . Recipe in my highlights. I buy the tea bags from Walmart (link in bio $3) . You can make this drink dairy free by using coconut cream... it’s just as yummy 😋 . Now if we could only find a boba sub😭 . Tag a friend that needs to see that Thai tea is possible on keto 🥳 @thedonsc . #healthydrink #healthydrinks #ketodrinks #ketostarbucks at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto Meal Prep Idea . Breakfast on the go, for the kiddos, hubby, work, school or quick bite at home😊 . These are egg bites just made in a twinkie pan 😄 . They can be frozen and heated up as you need them 🤗 . You can make •Chorizo and egg •Bacon and egg •Ham and egg •Veggies and egg . I’m sure there are other options... do you have a fave or favorite add in? . Tag a friend that would like this breakfast meal prep idea ❤️ @thedonsc . #healthybreakfast #mealprepsunday #mealprepping #ketomealprep at San Antonio, Texas

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When in Texas... go big or go home🙌 . I did the works in my coffee this morning👌 . It’s 9am and I will probably eat after 1 or 2 pm💪 Fats keep you full longer, but they also contain a lot of calories so just be mindful of them(fats) 😄 . I’m not of fan of super fatty coffee but 1/2 Tbls- 1 tablespoon of mct oil works for me. Sometimes when I don’t want to eat too early and I feel my hunger creeping up, I have a tablespoon of mct oil (like medicine) and it works like a charm 😄 •Coffee •Half &Half or heavy cream •Mct oil (keeps your appetite suppressed) •Collagen (hair, skin and nails) •Sweetener (sweet life) . How many of you make “Bulletproof” or fatty coffee in the morning? If so, how long does it keep you full? Do you feel like it helps you from eating early in the day? Let’s us know 🤗 . Tag a friend that should see this Keto breakfast option❤️ @thedonsc . #healthybreakfast #ketocoffee #ketodrinks #ketobreakfast at San Antonio, Texas

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A little thicker but also a little happier 🤗 . Learning to love my body as is 💯🙌 . It’s not easy learning to accept our imperfections. We (women)feel pressured to look a certain way. Well..lose skin, stretch marks and cellulite don’t make us ugly or unattractive. We all have imperfections. NOBODY has the “perfect” body...especially after mom life or major weight loss. We should feel proud of the journey instead of feeling ashamed 🙌 . Self love is a journey in itself and I’m working on it as best as I can ❤️ . My focus is being healthy and that includes a healthy body, mind and soul❤️ . Cheers to all of us learning to love our bodies no matter what the media says we should look like ❤️ . Tag a friend that’s new to Keto and needs my helpful tips and easy recipes 💯 @thedonsc . #transformationtuesday #facetofacefriday #ketoweightloss at Laguna Beach, California

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Keto Top Ramen 🍜 . Nati’s favorite 💯 So definitely kiddo approved 💃 . If you want to make... . Buy the regular ramen, use the seasoning and toss the noodles. Use shirataki noodles as a sub for regular noodles and wa-lah “Keto Ramen”🥳 . Who misses top ramen or cup and noodles? This is a great fix👌 . Tag a friend that needs to see Keto ramen is possible!🥳 @thedonsc . #healthylunch #ketolunch #ketodinner #healthydinner at San Antonio, Texas

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