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19 hours ago

ARMS + ABS with just a LSF Booty Band! Clearly, not just for the booty! I added these moves to my Abs & Cardio sweat in the #LSFapp today from our hotel pool in Positano and it felt so good! I always talk about what a killer workout you can get without any equipment at all, but OMG the resistance bands just take it next level!! My abs are already sore 😱and these moves hit that annoying bra bulge area too! Such a good way to finish week 7 of #lsfsummershapeup 👏🏻 . 💪🏻The Workout: 1- Russian Twist x50 2- Narrow Arm Row x15 each side 3- Bicep Thruster x15 each side 4- Walking Plank Burpee x10 . Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial on the Love Sweat Fitness App and try out any level of the program, access bonus sweats💦, exclusive video library (adding even more soon!), and tracking + 💕self care journaling 📓! (Link in bio 👆🏻or download in iTunes or Google Play stores.) . 3 pack of booty bands available in the LSF Shop >>> My.LoveSweatFitness.com at Hotel Villa Franca Positano

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2 days ago

Taking Votes 👇🏻Am I Glowing or Sweating 💦 We’re Currently in Capri hiding from all the people down a random street in the shade 👌🏻The island is gorgeous, but note to self, don’t come in August - it’s insanely busy and freaking hot 🥵But in other news, I got my Summer Shape Up Daily 10 -+ App workout in the morning, found amazing grilled squid 🦑 for lunch, and @ryandunlop Is getting tan af and starting to look like a true Italian 🔥so all in all, I’d call it a win! #lsftakescapri . Dress + Visor @lulus + @marc.fisher shoes from them too! #lovelulus >> Bag @hammittla at Isle of Capri

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3 days ago

✨Pure Joy✨I’ve been drinking all the wine, eating all the pasta (in moderation😜), and literally just freaking relaxing with @ryandunlop We travel A TON, but this feels like a real vacation and I’m loving every second of it! We definitely are very aware that our lives are kinda 24/7 online and we try to find a good balance of work/fun/rest but sometimes because we live what we do so much, work consumes every second. We get in crazy GO mode (which is awesome) but sometimes you need to step back and appreciate it all! So thanks @positanoboats_tour for such a magical day on the sea 🌊 at Positano

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4 days ago

Let’s talk BODY EMPOWERMENT 👇🏻 . I’ve never been one to shy away from showing skin - Even during my heavier times, while I never would have been caught dead in a photo wearing a swimsuit, I was always comfortable shamelessly strolling around my apartment in next to nothing with my roomies. I feel like I had a twisted sense of self...Super comfortable if I really trusted you weren’t judging me, but insanely insecure even fully dressed in public 🙈To me what I wear (or don’t) has never been a sexual thing, like so many people make it, but purely about how comfortable I was in my own skin. . I’ve been to Europe 6 times and have NEVER gone topless. Not because I was too shy too, but I never understood the point. In Europe they have a very different perspective on body image and they grow up with that just being 100% NORMAL. It’s not because you’re trying to be seen or show off your body, it’s just what you do. That said, I’ve truly always felt awkward doing it and have been REAL nervous I’d burn my boobs since they’ve never seen the light of day🤣 . But today I got it. I’ve literally never been so freaking hot in my life. Like dripping every ounce of fluids in my body out of every pore hot. If I could be naked right now I would - which maybe I can, but I feel like that’s a little extra for me🤷🏼‍♀️ And I think what’s amazing is because it’s so normal here, no one looked at me. No one cares. No one is sitting judging or even giving a second thought to it. Women (and men 😳) of all shapes and sizes are just living their life, not caring about what their bodies look like. They’re soaking up the sun, God’s incredible creation, and enjoying every second on their time with the people they love. . So, wether or not you’re questioning going topless on the beach or just worried about rocking a sports bra only during your next workout, DO IT! There is something extremely freeing and empowering about it. Rip off the band-aid ⛑ and freaking rock that beautiful body! The more you can do it where you’re at right now, the more confidence you’ll build from the inside out, and the easier it will be to truly learn to love your body at every stage of life💕 at La Scogliera Beach Resort, Positano

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6 days ago

Let’s chat REALISTIC goals! Setting the wrong goals is honestly the #1 reason most people never reach them. Since we’re kicking off week 7 of the #lsfsummershapeup I thought it would be the perfect time to reset and help you kick butt the next 2 weeks... . It’s great to have big goals, but you have to create smaller, short term micro goals to help you get there. Had I started my journey saying, “I’m going to lose 45lbs in 6 months” I probably would have failed like every other time I tried to lose weight. Mostly because i would be overly stressed, checking the scale weekly, and giving up when it wasn’t happening fast enough. 🙄Instead I had to narrow my focus. I said, “I’m going to move my body 10 minutes every day for a week.” And I did! Then I’d set a new goal. 15 minutes. 20 minutes, etc. That was realistic for me. It had nothing to do with the number on the scale, but everything to do with creating healthy habits and setting goals I could succeed at! Plus, those short-term goals give you reasons to celebrate regularly which are crazy motivating to keep you going! . So, set yourself a goal for this week and share it 👇🏻Writing it down and saying it out loud makes a HUGE difference. There are definitely times you need to keep it to yourself, stick your head down, and hustle, but I’m about getting all the support I can get! #lsfmadeitmonday . ✨My goal: get in my #lsfdaily10 + #lsfapp workout EVERY DAY on vacay! I missed today’s, but danced like 4 hours soooo... I’ll count it! at Ibiza Formentera

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8 days ago

We’re not ones for big touristy spots when we travel so we always try to just find cool places to relax and today was a freaking blast with two of our besties @nikkibeachibiza . Honestly, all I need is some water and good live music and I’m a happy girl - jellyfish sting and all 😂I think my favorite thing about Ibiza is you literally see everyone (even babies!) living their best lives 🙏🏻 Forever Young right? #NikkiBeach #NikkiBeachIbiza #TellOnlyYourBestFriends . Ps- I searched high and low for this visor and finally found the perfect on @lulus #lovelulus 👙 @boutinela at Nikki Beach Ibiza

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9 days ago

Completely blissed out in Ibiza...literally minutes before my leg was destroyed by the jellyfish 😭 Thanks for all the DM’s and tips! It’s feeling way better now, the tequila helped 🤗but oh my gosh it was TERRIBLE. Thankfully I got my #lsfsummershapeup workout in BEFORE all this and hopefully it will feel good enough tomorrow to get after W6D6 🙌🏻 👙: @bambaswim at Ibiza, Spain

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10 days ago

Not in a beach, but currently lounging at the airport waiting to head to SPAIN! Where’s your favorite place to travel 👇🏻 . This is our 4th time going to Spain and we just freaking love it! We’re meeting some besties in Ibiza and I literally can’t wait for the beaches, music, and not sleeping until 5am 😜 ya, not that party, but... when in Ibiza 🤷🏼‍♀️ . I’m gonna be sharing a TON on stories so tell me what you want to see while i travel. Food, workouts, treats, etc. I don’t restrict myself at all while traveling, but I do try to stay close to my normal routine (plus more cocktails and pasta obviously) because I always want to come home feeling as good as possible. Not like I need a full reset. Anyway, I want to share it all so ask me anything and I’ll be shearing away!

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12 days ago

DIETING IS THE WORST! I basically did every fad diet you could imagine for most of high school and college. When i talk about feeling like the “chubby friend” or my insecurities in the past my mom still finds pictures and (lovingly) says things like “look, you were thin in high school.” And at times I was, but I was also only eating celery sticks, drinking lemon water and downing bags of sugar free candy because that was somehow “allowed” on whatever weird ass diet I was doing at the moment. My point is, regardless if my physical size, I constantly felt like a failure because I constantly struggled to stick to some insane diet that was never going to work. Diets aren’t meant to help you change your habits or create a healthy lifestyle. They’re meant to make you lose a few pounds fast that eventually will all come right back while simultaneously making you psycho and feel like crap from the inside out. DIETS ARE THE WORST! . Yes, if you have excess fat the only way to lose it is to change something. You likely need to decrease your calories and change the foods you’re eating, but that doesn’t mean you need some fad diet to do it. You need something that will help you LEARN what healthy eating looks like and something you can adapt to YOUR life. But it should be nourishing, filling, and absolutelY NEVER depriving you of major food groups like carbs or fats! So yea, you’ve got to make changes, but it’s about creative a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for years, not just 2 weeks before loosing your mind and diving back into bad old habits. . If you have the Hot Body Meal Plan you know what I mean. It’s simple, straightforward, and really easy to make work in your life. I wanted to give you something you could take and use as is and also adapt to your lifestyle whether that’s eating out, making swaps, getting creative, or eating the same thing everyday. It takes it back to the basics of FAT, CARBS, PROTEINS. We need all 3 in a healthy amount each day. It’s truly that simple and once you get in the habit of what that looks like, it creates a healthy diet so you never have to “diet” again!

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13 days ago

✨✨GIVEAWAY✨✨Win a @scoscheinc Bluetooth Speaker 🔊 . We’re celebrating week 6 or #lsfsummershapeup with an awesome giveaway! If you’ve done a live workout with me you know music is my #1 most important thing. I have to have the PERFECT playlist with everything timed to music. It makes it fun and help us all survive those intense moments you feel like you almost can’t do it. The LSF app has music integration for your own jams and tons of my playlists available too because...no one likes a boring workouts. This @scoscheinc speaker has been my absolute favorite this summer and I’m giving ✌🏻 away to you! . 🌟Win the @scoscheinc BoomBottle - Waterproof wireless speaker - Magnetically Mount Your Device to the Boombottle MM - Built-in Bottle Opener - Fits Into Cup Holders - Rechargeable Battery for up to 12 Hrs - Built-in Microphone for Hands-free Calling . 🌟How to Win - Like this post - Follow @lovesweatfitness + @scoscheinc - Tag 2 Friends who should enter . Checkout my stories to see it in action and get a crazy discount if you wanna but it!

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14 days ago

It’s a wrap! Finished live workout #8 of the summer with my @vitalproteins fam bam💕💪🏻💦 and seriously thinking we just need a full blown tour next summer, so comment with your city so we can get to planning! 👇🏻 #uncapyourpotential . Also, my legs feel like complete jello rn, and the thought of even going to the bathroom sounds terrible 🤣 Between my own workouts, events, and extra runs this week I’m dead🍑☠️ Buuuut, I’m going to foam roll, take a bath 🛁 and pamper myself tonight so I am fully ready to dive into week 6 of the #lsfsummershapeup with you guys 📣 #lsfrollcall who’s ready for it!? . . . Outfit @lornajaneactive

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16 days ago

What if the struggles, the annoying things outside of your control, and the moments you feel totally burnt out are all just preparing you for the things you asked for? 😱💨 I needed this reminder today and figured I was not alone! I truly am someone who believes that everything, good or bad, happens exactly as it’s supposed to, but that doesn’t always mean it’s fun in the moment. Often it’s not in the timing WE think it should be, or exactly in the way we think it should be, but time and time again it seems to always work out in amazing ways. So, wether you’re dealing with personal issues, ones at workout, in relationships, or just feeling like you’ve hit a wall with your health and fitness goals, know it’s serving s purpose in the big picture. . If you could workout a couple weeks and magically lose all the weight and tone every inch, you would NOT have the same appreciation for it and I guarantee you, you wouldn’t have the same inner confidence. The struggles we push through are the ones that grow us and change us in the best ways possible. So today, let’s try to change the script and next time something shitty happens or you’re feeling down, just yell “PLOT TWIST!” and try to smile and keep pushing along knowing something incredible is on the other side!

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