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Aspen vlog is going up later today, but where should we go next!?!✈️👇🏻 at Aspen, Colorado

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Say hi to Evelyn! She’s lost 25lbs with the #lovesweatfitness plans and has such an awesome story👇🏻 . “So my whole life I’d been very active and fit, and had no trouble keeping weight off and ate whatever I wanted. That all changed once I hit about 25 yrs. I got a desk job where I sit all day and over the next couple years gained 25 pounds. . Well I got sick of it! And I decided enough is enough. I was sick of being in pain, hating my body, and feeling out of energy and just gross all the time! I started searching home workouts on YouTube, discovered LSF, and signed up for your free daily workouts! Well, obviously I wanted more lol! I ordered the Lifestyle Makeover Bundle because I needed to change everything! Not just eating, not just working out, but both! And it was absolutely LIFE CHANGING. I finally had a consistent routine, a routine that was very challenging but in no way overwhelming. The guides made it SO easy to stay committed and motivated by giving me exactly what I needed to work on, every day. The meal plan also helped me learn so much about healthy eating and learning to love foods that NOURISH my body. As I progressed through the weeks in the guide I noticed I started feeling stronger with each workout, and was also losing weight and getting toned! I never had “toned” legs and arms, so this was pretty amazing to me. . Now I am on HBSG2.0 & love every second of it! I’m stronger and healthier than ever! And I have to say, the thing that really makes LSF stand out, is the incredible COMMUNITY. I love how we all support each other, encourage each other, and challenge each other! It really makes you feel like you’re a part of something totally awesome, that you belong, and that you can do anything you set your mind to! I truly love being a part of the Love Sweat Fitness community ❤️Oh! And also I lost the 25 pounds. Woohoo! 🙌🏼” @evelyndevitis . Love this because it’s a great reminder that everyone’s “normal” is different and we all have our own unique journey. I’m so excited to be sharing your #lsfprogress here more! Ask any W’s or leave some 💕 for this babe

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✨ CHOOSE JOY ✨and then spread it!! 👇🏻Tag a friend in a comment below and tell them 1 thing that makes you so happy to have them in your life! . I’ve had so many incredible friendships through the years. Some have lasted years and some fade away as people change (for good or bad). The one thing I’ve learned over the years is how precious time is. I have less friends now then I did 10 years ago, but I have more meaningful friendships that bring me so much joy! That doesn’t mean we’re perfect all the time, it just means we know how to communicate, we know what each other needs, and we know how to get over ourselves in oder to keep our friendships strong 💕👯‍♀️

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There’s a past overflowing with pride for how far you’ve come. Comment with a 👏🏻💕 and give yourself a little praise for being where you’re at right now! Acknowledge your wins and don’t forget the people who help you get their 💋 #lsfmadeitmonday . I kinda feel this much bad { insert me showing the tiniest 🐜 size with my fingers} that the #lsflotsoflove Sugar Detox is happening over Vday AANNNND #nationalwineday {that is NOT wine in my glass 😜} but honestly, if you can get past those two days, you’re a bada$$ and can basically do anything you put your mind to! So, now you know and you’re welcome 🤣 If you haven’t started or got off track, grab the 7 day Sugar Detox guide that’s in my story! It’s not about macros, calories, or stressing over every bite. It’s about ditching sugar cravings and learning to fuel them with healthy choices instead. . 👉🏻Also this cute pink LSF hat is on sale just in time for spring which is right around the corner!!

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This got kinda weird but, still a real good point👇🏻 . I really hate roller coasters. The last time i felt brave enough to try one I ended up balling my eyes out and screaming for them to stop the ride for what felt like 10 minutes of hell - it was probably like 60 seconds. I was talking to a friend and realized that that was basically how i felt all those years struggling with my weight. I felt like no matter what I did, I got nowhere except more emotionally depressed and physically exhausted. It’s hard, but sometimes you have to go through those experiences in order grow and basically learn to say “no thanks” next time someone asks you to take a ride. . You’ve got to let go of the idea that things will never change no matter how much you try. I totally get that fear and past failures and experiences can get in the way, but that kind of thinking will keep you on a super crappy roller coaster ride of emotions that never stops. So imagine the ride is over. Go get on a new one you know you can trust. Remember, balance and consistency are key! You have to start somewhere, and you have to do it differently then before if you want to see change. And if you can do that, you’ll basically get to ride the carousel forever 🎠 . Matching set @goldsheepclothing Sweater @lulus #lovelulus

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Comment with 1 bad habit you’re trying to break up with👇🏻 Mine rn is to stop watching tv before bed! It snuck back I to my nightly routine and it’s so hard to stop 🙈 . Obviously sugar is a major one for most people. I’m loving seeing all you’re posts sharing your #lsflotsoflove progress and I thought I’d share the TOP 5 reasons you need to dump sugar! But let me just say... obviously it’s impossible to 100% avoid sugar and I am not about restricting yourself to the point of being obsessive. It’s about learning to rely on the foods your body needs 1st (fats, proteins, healthy non-processed carbs) and then being able to enjoy a treat without NEEDING it. . TOP 5 Reasons to Break Up w/ SUGAR 🍬Some research shows sugar can be more addictive than cocaine and literally changes your brain chemistry. Is that even possible you and? Apparently, YES! . ⚖️ Added sugar can cause serious weight gain and lead to increased visceral fat (the real deep bad stuff that can lead to diabetes etc) . 🌋 It can cause ACNE! Spikes blood sugar and insulin levels which leads to inflammation, excess oil and increased androgen secretion. . 😞It can totally derail your mood! Diets high in sugar and processed foods are linked to higher risk of depression. And if you have hypothyroidism like me, that’s already a possibility without added sugar. . 👵🏻It can cause you to age prematurely. Want the secret to younger looking skin without Botox and fillers?? Eat better!! Without getting too sciencey 🧪 It basically causes reactions in the body that can reduce collagen production and damage the collagen and elastin you already have. We obviously will all get wrinkles and genetics play a big role, but so does diet. . 7 Day Sugar Detox >>> My.LoveSweatFitness.com

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Easy Love Handle/Abs workout that’s totally apartment or dorm room friendly 💕I normally try to make Sunday my rest-day where and just focus on self care, but I’m totally doing this one today for a little #lsflotsoflove bonus 💦 If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, go now because you’ll get the full workout AAANNNNDDD I’ll be dropping some exciting new videos in the next couple weeks you won’t want to miss!!!!

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I was so happy to find free s’mores at the bottoms of the mountain, but I literally took two baby bites and couldn’t do it 😳And that was BEFORE the sugar detox started! It’s kinda insane how much your taste literally changes over time if you’re consistently eating better. I guess it’s the same as your body changing with consistent workouts, but had you told me years ago I wouldn’t be able to finish a single s’more I would have 🙄so hard. I used to easily eat 2-3, but honestly I can’t do the processed junk and sugars anymore. But it’s not just because I know it’s not good for me (that’s a given, but sometimes you just need to go for it) but my body is like literally “thank you, next” . 👇🏻👇🏻How are you guys doing with your detox? Those first few days are usually the hardest, but if you have the 7 Day Sugar Detox Guide it’s going to be so much easier!! You should totally repeat it into next week to really make sure you’re keeping the sugars and the crazy cravings away! If you haven’t bought yours yet, it’s only 9.99 in the shop 💋my.lovesweatfitness.com at Aspen, Colorado

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Day 5 of the #lsflotsoflove challenge ❤️ Post a selfie write down your 3 favorite things about YOU, so here’s mine... . 👀I love my eyes 🤣I think I’m pretty funny (I guess that’s all that really matters right!?) 💋I love the birthmark freckle above my lip. . Loving yourself (inside and out) isn’t conceded, it’s necessary.

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Your comfort zone is nice and all, but nothing incredible grows there. The moment you push your fears away and step outside of it, you’ll realize it wasn’t all that comfortable to begin with... . Change can be really hard and super scary sometimes, but there isn’t one major thing I’ve changed in my life that hasn’t worked out for good. As much as I hated feeling insecure, tired all the time, like I never fit into the cute clothes right, etc. etc. that’s what i knew and the thought of actually taking real steps to change that was scary. It seemed liked it would be super hard and my fears of failing AGAIN could have easily held me back. Making those changes and sticking to them even when it was uncomfortable was extremely challenging at first, but I’m so grateful I did. I gained more confidence and strength in myself than i could have ever imagined...Loosing 45lbs was just a nice bonus🤗 . If you’re looking for somewhere to get started, I’m giving all you girls 20% the Hot Body Sweat Guides, Meal Plans, & Guiltless Nutrition in the shop through tomorrow as a little something for Valentine’s Day with code: LOTSOFLOVE >>>>My.LoveSweatFitness.Com at Limelight Hotel Aspen

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My forever valentine @ryandunlop We just uploaded a new Q&A on Youtube answering a bunch of you’re questions about us including the BIG 👶🏻baby one 😳 at Limelight Hotel Aspen

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Happy Valentine’s Day #Teamlsf ❤️I have a little #lsflotsoflove challenge for you...👇🏻Comment below with 1 thing you LOVE about yourself. I know that can be uncomfortable, but why!?!? We should be proud of showing self love. The person you spend the most time with in life is YOU, so be insanely loving, encouraging, and kind to you’re beautiful self. . 💕New Healthy Vday Treat recipes and tons of ideas oh how to “non food” treat yourself (and your love) are on the blog for all my sugar detoxing babes!

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