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17 hours ago

“In real life, I’m not a petty person.” Was it disrespectful of K Michelle to ask Apryl about kissing Fizz, or was she just trying to figure out the truth? #LHHH

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22 hours ago

After seeing the video of A1 on FaceTime with Summer Bunni, Pam tries to get him to fess up…Do y’all think he overreacted? #LHHH is ALL NEW MONDAY AUGUST 26 at a special time - 7/6c before the #VMAs on @VH1!

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2 days ago

Apryl, Paris, and Zell get their hike on, but what REALLY stops them in their tracks is Apryl's plan to go on tour with Moniece...😂 Whose joint tour would you rather see...Apryl & Moniece's or Paris & Zell's? 💯 Watch the FULL EPISODE of #LHHH on!

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3 days ago

“If he says that Micky Munday is all and believe Micky Munday is all that.” Kurupt keeps it 💯, but do you think his take on Micky is valid? #LHHH

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4 days ago

After hearing the truth from Summer Bunni, Lyrica pulls up on A1 at his show...😱 But did she do enough? OR do you think this is the end of A1 & Lyrica for good? #LHHH

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5 days ago

Summer Bunni comes clean to Lyrica about the nature of her relationship with A1...😨 How would you handle the situation if you were in Lyrica's place? #LHHH

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7 days ago

Sparks fly when Lyrica and Summer Bunni come face-to-face, and Aprly reconsiders joining Moniece on tour...🤭 See what happens NEXT during a brand new #LHHH TOMORROW at 8/7c on @VH1! 🎬

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8 days ago

Apple links up with a new friend & spills ALL of the tea on what went down between her and Summer Bunni...😂 Could this be a potential love connection? #LHHH

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8 days ago

When Apryl joined Moniece in the studio, she was NOT expecting Moniece to invite her on tour...😱 What should they call this tour? Watch the FULL #LHHH EPISODE on! 🎬

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9 days ago

"I don't ever for one second want you to forget who you are." After the story about A1 hit the blogs, Lyrica turned to her girls Princess + Sia for support...❤️ What would you do if you were in her position? Watch the FULL #LHHH EPISODE on! 🔥🎬

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10 days ago

Our girl @moniece_slaughter ALWAYS keeps it on point...😍 Which of these #TBT hairstyles are you feelin’ today?! #LHHH

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10 days ago

“You know the homie A1 too, huh?” 😳 Ray J (@RayJ) wasted NO time coming in with the messiness…😂 Was he trying to stir the pot or was he just being Ray? Watch the FULL EPISODE of #LHHH on! 👏

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11 days ago

"Guys and girls can be friends..." 👀 Apryl + Fizz talk about moving in together, but is it REALLY a good idea for them to shack up? 😳 #LHHH

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12 days ago

K. Michelle said what we were ALL thinking when she found out Moniece invited Apryl on tour...😂 Was she being messy or just telling it like it is? Watch the latest episode of #LHHH ON DEMAND & with the @VH1 App! 🎬

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12 days ago

Sending @princesslove + @rayj so much love this week as they celebrate their THIRD wedding anniversary...Congrats y’all! 🥰💍✨| 📷: GETTY

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13 days ago

Apryl really said “GO WHERE?!” 😂 Do y’all think Apryl joining Moniece’s tour is a good idea? #LHHH

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13 days ago

Apple Watts’ visit to Yo-Yo’s School Of Hip Hop QUICKLY goes left when Summer Bunni shows up...😱 It’s goin’ down during an ALL NEW #LHHH TONIGHT at 8/7c on @VH1! 🎬🔥

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