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2 days ago

feeling a bit rough around the edges but i firmly believe that valentines day is for #selfielove

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5 days ago

film from october when this sweet human woke up at the crack of dawn to hike up a mountain in the pouring rain with me. feeling a lot of appreciation for this sweetheart of mine.

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24 days ago

nothing but appreciation for that good good selfie light.

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26 days ago

film from this time last year up at rose ridge retreat when we went to say goodbye to Vickie and she told us not to cry for her and then told us about how she ate all her edibles at once because she didn’t think they were working. I miss Vickie. I’ve been reading that book “To Live Here You Have to Fight” that’s about radical women in Appalachia —and I’ve been thinking about Vickie and Carol and all my elders who taught me how to fight while nurturing spaces worth fighting for.

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30 days ago

“the witchery of living is my whole conversation with you,my darlings. All I can tell you is what I know. Look, and look again. This world is not just a thrill for the eyes. It’s more than bones. It’s more than the delicate wrist with its personal pulse. It’s praising. It’s giving until the giving feels like receiving. You have life—just imagine that! You have this day, and maybe another, and maybe still another.” thank you Mary Oliver.

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1 month ago

film from october that is actually today’s mood.

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1 month ago

the experiments with a roll of film i fucked up and cyanotype on cloth that i’ve been messing with as a way to take a break from work are actually starting to shape into something i want to keep working on. i’m not sure quite what that shape is yet, but i think it looks something like remembering and something like loss.

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1 month ago

winter came back.

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1 month ago

film from when it was actually springtime rather than winter acting like springtime. no time to slow down, retreat, and tend to hearth and home when new life and activity is emerging before it’s ready.

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1 month ago

film from our first date when you made me dinner and we watched fireflies in the field, film from that time you danced down the arroyo, film from the time we ate peach pie for breakfast... just little reminders that loving this critter is effortless. happy birthday lil yearlin! love, magpie.

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1 month ago

i left home today, after a tumultuous few days, without saying goodbye to my mom. i can’t make up my mind on if it was the right thing to do.

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2 months ago

seems about right —a year for walking the line of tender and tough, for struggling to find the balance between hard but rewarding work in community and taking the time for the creative work that feeds my soul, for feeling the push of my tennessee home and the pull of my north carolina home, for falling madly in love, for missing my friends, and it was a year for Pals... i moved dangerously close to a Pals. 2018 was wild, see y’all in 2019!

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2 months ago

film from a very beautiful and good day when all we could hear was the sound of snow falling at the healing point and the shouts of our own laughter. happy birthday to this very good human, congratulations on existing for a quarter of a century 💛

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