14 hours ago

kween tomorrow at 10am pst cannot contain my excitement

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9 days ago

how’s ur 2019 so far

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12 days ago

just wanted to say thank you so much. i neeever would have seen myself being nominated for literally any awards so this is INSANE. I love u guys so much. thank u for voting and thank u for being by my side thru absolutely everything . it’s our year (,: link to vote is in my story 🖤

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14 days ago

🌌 👾 🛸

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20 days ago

oh hey it’s me happy 2019 . so excited for all this new music hehehh

325k 4k
22 days ago

happiest with u.👼🏼💔🖤

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23 days ago

2018 wrap up video🖤 a quick lil thank you to u👼🏼 link is in my story xoxo

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26 days ago

mood because the queen music video is coming up

224k 2k
28 days ago


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