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21 hours ago

On the menu this morning: blueberry coated, avocado stuffed cheerios.

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2 days ago

Learning about Fall.

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7 days ago

Sweet dreams Octopus. <3

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12 days ago

Got her hands in my phone...Her first selfie! Oh dear lord, please no.

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12 days ago

Can I get any volunteers to do my self care for me? Meditation? Yoga? Massage? Rest? Nature? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you

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14 days ago

Dear Darla

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

True, not rocket science but true.

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3 months ago

18 tomorrow, rainbow bright today. Vibrant colors!

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3 months ago

Big ole girl crush on Megan Rapinoe. I don't watch sports often, didn't watch. Saw her on Rachel Maddow last night, they were both freakin' adorable!

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3 months ago

We were all younger. <3 Funny this popped up in fb, I was just today appreciating the experience of senior discounts and such. Not that I'm quite eligible for all of them yet. I guess I'm saying; I so do deeply appreciate all of it...this life.

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3 months ago

Auntie James gives baby O a bath!

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4 months ago

Our lovely, independent, vibrant James is 19 today! Happy birthday James!

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4 months ago

Sweet toes.

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

She did it! Congratulations Jonnie! We are so proud of you! Way to stick to your goals! Class of 2019 <3 <3

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4 months ago

Never had a dad. I sure know some good ones though! Happy fathers day Kevin and Jerry! Jerry is my dad in law. My appreciation and love for you both literally has no end. I'm a lucky one.

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