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9 days ago

I’ve done it all. Soccer, baseball – every sport you can think of, and nothing gets me what a dirt bike gets me. Find out how I went from a “weekend warrior” in Venezuela to being one of the top Supercross and Motocross Racers in the world. Click on the link in @officialleatt bio and use the code FLORIDA for the full video. Or go to my IGTV 🎬 @jarredbrowne425 #LeattFamily #ScienceOfThrill #Supercross at Florida

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9 days ago

Gotta give a big shoot out to this guy @juanluistorres22 aka John Louis or João luiz for all his help this supercross season . We had 0 mechanicals and a bunch of great times . Two Venezuelans working together for the same goal 👊🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼 // Súper agradecido con @jmods1 por el apoyo y ayuda durante toda la temporada de supercross . No tuvimos problemas con la moto en todo el año gracias a él y pasamos momentos inolvidables , gracias anciano ! #estasdespierto #kodiak650 #fueradeborda at Minneola, Florida

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13 days ago

SX season done 11th in points after missing 2 rounds . This season was very difficult for me but no excuses found my stride towards the end and gave it my all each time I was on the track . Thank you to @motosandbox @dreamtraxx @riffy700 for providing me with world class tracks each day 🤙🏼 . Time to focus on outdoors and try and make it for hangtown . Thank you to the supporters for their continued support // El supercross a terminado 11 en los puntos general , fue un campeonato difícil pero cero excusas encontré mi ritmo hacia el final del campeonato y lo di todo cada carrera , hora de enfocarme en el motocross e intentar ir ala primera carrera . 📸 @octopi.media @legendsandheroestour @kissimmeemotorsports @procircuit78 @officialleatt @mgxunlimited @foodforlifebaking @ridedunlop @alpinestarsmx @hinsonracing @acerbisusa @motostuff_com @spectrooils @docwobimports @odigrips @engineice @twin_air @ksrwheels @haan_wheels @sunstar_ea @yuasabatteryus @guts_racing_inc @motool_inc @trunk_tough @jmods1 @pedracingusa @egbertco at Clermont, Florida

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20 days ago

New Jersey was a good one to me . Struggled really bad in practice never felt comfortable on the track and qualifying very bad . Made a really positive fork change before the night show and turned my whole night around . Started upfront in the heat race and got 3rd in a very stacked race , rode very tight from a lack of being up there with those guys and made a lot of mistakes . In the main I got another good start and was battling with 8th and 7th made two big mistakes that cost me a lot and lost my rhythm finishing 9th , huge step in the right direction for me but I’m still not satisfied with my riding gotta clean up those laps and come out swinging in Vegas one to go then try to find some support for the outdoors series . Thank you to my supporters for sticking with me during this roller coaster 🙌🏼🙏🏼 #weaintdoneyet special thanks to @egbertco for helping me out every Saturday 🙌🏼 @legendsandheroestour @kissimmeemotorsports @procircuit78 @officialleatt @mgxunlimited @foodforlifebaking @ridedunlop @alpinestarsmx @hinsonracing @acerbisusa @motostuff_com @spectrooils @docwobimports @odigrips @engineice @twin_air @ksrwheels @haan_wheels @sunstar_ea @yuasabatteryus @guts_racing_inc @racekawasaki @motool_inc @trunk_tough @juanluistorres22 @pedracingusa . 📸 @octopi.media at Groveland, Florida

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1 month ago

Feliz cumpleaños papito, gracias por tu apoyo incondicional y por poner las extras horas , no hay nadie más que desearía estar luchando por este sueño que con tigo por muchos años más te amo 💚// Happy birthday papito, thank you for your unconditional support and love and for putting the extra hours , no one else I rather be chasing this dream with than you for many more years love you !💚 . #juanbimba @juanbimba83 at Groveland, Florida

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1 month ago

Some outdoors today 🙌🏼 not bad for stock forks and supercross shock and stock motor just having fun 📽 @ingridlocte at Groveland, Florida

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