3 days ago

Honestly, parent-teacher conferences and the start of CMAS testing are this week, so I'm just clinging onto the excitement of spring break to get me through. Fortunately I live in a place where inspiration is never hard to find. at Silverton, Colorado

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4 days ago

Running gives purpose. Running heals. As I've ran more and more, it's made me stronger - strong enough to see the strength that was already there to begin with, and has always been there. Grateful to call myself a runner. at Phil's World Mountain Bike Trail

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8 days ago

We all have a piece of us that wants to save the world. It's okay if that world is your own, and the only person you save is yourself.

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9 days ago

So so grateful my locker was next to yours in 5th grade 💗💗💗 at Molas Pass

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10 days ago

"Find awe. Let it shake you, melt you, lift you - then share it." -Jonathan Fields at Silverton, Colorado

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11 days ago

Mountains are sincere. They have rules - harsh ones - but if you follow them, you're safe. Humans aren't like that. And it is those imperfections of being human - the abilities to lie and change the rules and think of ourselves first - that make mountains so attractive and incredible, pulling more and more of us like a magnet. at Molas Pass

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13 days ago

When you get to share your home with your BFF since fifth grade 💗 at Vallecito Lake

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13 days ago

Strong women: May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them. Happy International Women's Day! at Moab, Utah

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15 days ago

That snow-in-the-eye-but-I'm-having-too-much-fun-to-care feeling.

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17 days ago

Things I learned from my dog: Every time outside is the greatest adventure of all time. at San Juan National Forest

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19 days ago

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity." Thanks, John Muir, for putting so many of my feelings about the outdoors into words. at San Juan National Forest

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19 days ago

Running in winter: -Cold -Extra gear -Postholing regularly, and therefore bruises on shins and thighs -Plowing through fresh snow -Stabilization tendons in joints working overtime -Slow, tough mileage Still worth it every time. Did I forget anything?? at Missionary Ridge

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20 days ago

A break from the usual because this week has been important to me. This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. It feels like forever ago now, but it was during this week a few years ago that I took a quiz circulating the internet about my relationship with food and my body. That quiz confirmed what I had already known - I was sick and needed help. Starting counseling, opening up about it to people I love - it was all the scariest stuff I had ever done. Every day is not perfect. I work on loving myself every day. I work on being grateful for this fantastic body that carries me so many places. I work on coping with stress and anxieties in ways that aren't self-destructive. I've done a lot of badass things, but recovery tops them all. Sending love and peace and healing to all y'all out there. 💗

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20 days ago

❄️❄️❄️ It just wouldn't feel like an adventure if I didn't follow a set of Korra's tracks everywhere. Happy weekend-ing!

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21 days ago

I'll be honest: Some days, when I'm lacking motivation, I'll scroll back through my own camera roll. To remind myself how far I've come. To find the pictures from tough runs and adventures that remind me that I'm a badass capable of anything. So if you need the extra push: You can do whatever it is you dream of; the only limits you have are those you give yourself. But your dreams won't make themselves happen, so you better start working.

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22 days ago

The 10 essentials according to Gary Robbins: •A dog •A significant other that you love •Coffee (does chai tea count?) •Trail running •Good food •A fulfilling job •Living somewhere you love to be •Staying active and healthy •Family and friendships •Balance of it all Not that you should ever live your life according to someone else's essentials, but if I was - I'm doing a pretty damn good job. Got to run yesterday in forty-five degrees and it was magical.

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