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@liramusic33  Music Producer🎸 @whereitliesmusic and @tmxofficial Blogger 🍻 @b.w.t.b Jesus🛐 Father👼 Mentor💪 Elderly Care👵👴 Peace and Love 😄 Stephanie🦇


2 days ago

Never been a morning person... was always up till 2am every night and now I'm in bed by 10pm and up by 445am... I'm digging my new job but these 10 hr shifts got me all f**ked up lol but at least I have something I can pursue a career in now ☺ #JustKeepSwimming

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8 days ago

Jon from hanger 24! Amazing pilots like duuuuuuudeeee!!! Lol #AirFest #Hanger24

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9 days ago

RIP Tarder Sauce "Grumpy Cat" 😭 You were too cute for this world but a blessing in it... #RIPTarderSauce #GrumpyCat est. 2014

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10 days ago

He ain't lyin... #lol

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10 days ago

To my hero and the greatest man I know... Feliz cumpleaños Pops! I LOVE YOU! #HappyBirthday

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