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@lilmixedhunny  cjg2894@gmail.com ill pay u all w a reality check

7 hours ago

if god is real why are there geese

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1 day ago

Apologize to me.

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2 days ago

my name is my name at Forget it

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3 days ago

so cute!! so much fun to work with everyone. @_rubberband

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4 days ago

im gonna miss it at the cemetery): i liked taking care of people’s last needs. at Rest In Pieces

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5 days ago

lexy!! you’re so amazing. i remember when i ran an mcr blog and we met up — we were so purely in love w music and going to comic book stores and being silly. you also helped me by showing me beacons closet! i was so happy that day and got like inspired by the girls that worked there and i was so lucky to work there. it was so cool to see you and i love your confidence. you’re so sick, you kept me as calm as possible when i was bugging out. and taking me to a diner so i could try to chill w. my post concert blues. it was amazing to see u and i can’t wait to do warped with you!! ❤️ (also im posting a lot idc deal w. it) at Saint Vitus Bar

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6 days ago

IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, IM INSIGNIFICANT (yea, its cool, ill be okay). at Saint Vitus Bar

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6 days ago

thank you to @geoffrickly and @frankieromustdie for making a 13 year old dream come true. ive never been more deaf/more at a loss for words (jamia in the back hell yeah coolest thing ever i was frozen). im emotional. so sad i didnt get a pic w geoff but das life! best night ever, ill always remember this. also thank you to @shopredone for like my entire outfit lol because i know yall tried to get me a tank top before the show but im just ❤️ #frankiero !!!!!! ps good luck with the future violents i will always support you forever 💯 at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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9 days ago

not to flex or anything, but ive lost four passports in four years. chalk it up to being a base head and showing up to flights with no ID and a fake prayer. also im not great at sports and im not rich. whatever!

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10 days ago

i always wanted red hair, seriously! thank you for being inspired to use me!! you did a great job. 🦢❤️

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