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@lightroom  We’re celebrating #EarthDay with @georgetheexplorer. Find out about his photography & conservation career, and learn how you can protect the planet!

2 days ago

Follow along as @georgetheexplorer photographs portraits of a lion in the wild. Then, learn how he uses Lightroom for mobile to create a striking final image.

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2 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @bee.elle.wildlife || This image is called Protection. I was photographing a herd of elephants in Samburu County, Kenya when this young calf appeared through a sea of legs. Young elephants are often kept inside the herd’s circle to provide the calf maximum protection. • Framed by the body of a large adult elephant in the matriarchal herd, the calf’s small body symbolized the fragility of these elephants’ existence. Perhaps it speaks to how we need to provide protection for these elephants, whose survival is under severe threat due to the poaching crisis for the ivory trade. • In a time when there are less than 415,000 elephants left in the wild, it is critical that we act now in order to prevent their extinction, which is expected to occur within a generation. at Kenya

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3 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @arj || I took this photo in Wyoming somewhere near the edge of Grand Teton National Park. I was driving into the park to catch the sunrise my first morning in Wyoming when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Because Grand Teton National Park is home to moose, wolves, and even grizzly bears, you can't really be too safe when it comes to wildlife. As I slowed down to take a closer look, however, I saw this beautiful young elk calmly taking a morning stroll. • It was one of the most serene moments I've ever experienced. I couldn't see another person, or hear another car—it was just me, an elk, and some pretty stunning mountains. It's moments like those when you realize just how important the environment is, and just how crucial it is that we do everything we can to protect those moments so our children and grandchildren can experience them too. at Wyoming

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4 days ago

@georgetheexplorer takes us along his photography journey capturing and editing silhouettes of big cats in Africa. Watch to learn his pro tips and tricks using Lightroom for mobile!

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4 days ago

Photo by @georgetheexplorer || This #EarthDay, follow George’s journey as a wildlife photographer and conservationist and grab some photography and editing tips along the way! Read more at the link in our bio. • Then, let us know what *you* think is the best way to protect our planet.

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7 days ago

Photo of @runtoreach by @meninadesdepequena || I’ve been an adventurer my whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that I chose to channel all my energy into running. For the past few years, I have been using running as a vessel to bring recognition and support to impactful organizations around the world. My goal is to run 30 marathons in 30 countries before turning 30 (in June 2020!), raising $100,000 for global organizations through my journey. • Each of these marathons demonstrates how running can be a powerful, unifying act of peace and movement. • I hope to tell a different story of these countries by painting them in a more positive light; showing the rest of the world a small piece of their vibrant and beautiful cultures. Follow my journey at @runtoreach to help empower communities and evoke change throughout the world! at Doha City, Qatar

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9 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @juspbaker || I took this photo during my honeymoon in Tanzania. We spent the first few days on the island of Zanzibar, where you can find the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. • This photo shows a young red colobus monkey, a species that only lives on Zanzibar. After walking around with a guide for an hour, we took the time to stay with this particular monkey for a while, because he was the most active one despite the midday sun. • When the monkey heard another guide approaching, a sudden, panicked expression spread across his face. Fortunately, I got the shot before he fled to a higher branch of his tree. at Zanzibar, Tanzania

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10 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @arieljfields || This photo is titled Sunset Prowl. I was seconds from missing this shot of an elusive, striped hyena prowling around at sunset. When I saw the hyena walking in my direction, I instantly got into position. I went for a vertical angle to include the setting sun. • This striped hyena is a well-known, young, female Hyena in Israel. In addition to being super rare, she is the biggest predator in Israel. Striped hyenas are nocturnal. They live alone and rarely hunt live animals. Sadly, like so much of the world’s wildlife, the Striped Hyena is facing a global threat, with a population estimated to be under 10,000 mature individuals. In this ecosystem, hyenas are vital; as scavengers, they are nature’s “vacuum cleaners.” • Here’s what you can do to make a difference and protect endangered wildlife: 1.  Educate your family and friends about endangered species in your area. 2.  Volunteer your time to protect wildlife in your area. at Israel

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11 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @ellasuntravels || On my parents’ honeymoon in Africa 30 years ago, they promised each other that their future kids would one day see the beauty and magic Africa has to offer. Now that my brother and I are grown up, our parents decided to take us on a vacation, and we were beyond happy to go with them! • We travelled around the continent, beginning in the Amboseli National Park. One of my first shots was this beautiful giraffe standing precisely in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. My parents knew what they were talking about: Africa is absolutely majestic and magical, and we will never forget this family experience! at Mount Kilimanjaro

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14 days ago

Photo by @rainerblickle || My dad, my brother, and I were driving up from Wellington to Napier on the northern island of New Zealand. We ascended into a hilly area and stopped at a pullout to look at the view. It was too foggy to get any good landscape shots, but the low lying vegetation caught my eye. As I walked back to the car, I snapped a couple shots of these ferns (I think they’re ferns) because I thought they looked nice against the fog and ridge line. • Often times, I don’t get to shoot in the perfect light or weather conditions. However, I think if you look hard enough and get creative, you can find something to photograph no matter what. That night, I imported these images into the Lightroom Mobile app. I knew I wanted the orange to pop against the green and blue, and that’s how I ended up with the final edit. at North Island New Zealand

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16 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @outback_photo_adventures || I was lying on the ground, photographing these playful red foxes (whose fur, as you can see, is not always red despite their name). These two were running around, chasing each other all over the landscape. After a while, I could tell they were getting tired. They sat down, side by side, to catch their breath before taking a nap. • As a wildlife photo guide, I am fortunate to be able to spend the whole season here in Cheyenne when foxes are out, about, and playful. This is an awesome location, although you have to be careful! I often leave my camera bag in the field, and every year, there is one young fox who likes to sneak up and mark any unattended object. at Cheyenne, Wyoming

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17 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @nathanielwise || Passing through Salt Lake in Utah, I wanted to find a spot to camp and relax for the night. I drove out to a unique place called Antelope Island. It’s a mountainous outcropping in the middle of Great Salt Lake, full of antelope and bison. I fell asleep to the wind and awoke to a late winter snow coating the landscape. As the sun rose, I quietly watched as these massive animals meandered about, frost on their fur. It was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever witnessed and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. at The Great Salt Lake

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