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@leaelui  H💍 Leators have my heart!♥️ #ConfidentForLea ♡ Fearless🤞🏼 Your account: @leaandleators #TeamLea •📨: leaeluibusiness@yahoo.com


24 hours ago

Hey loves! I’m currently in the plane so my mom is posting this for me right now just for you guys🥰 Tag 2friends and try to guess where I’m going 😜♥️ (@leaelui & @leaandleators)

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2 days ago

The end😭😍 “It’s you and I against the whole world”💍

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2 days ago

Be you, don’t be what the others want you to be. You have the control!💋

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3 days ago

@lucasginet6372 and I tried this dance but I think we failed haha whatever we had fun😂☺️ What were your favorite toys when you were little ?💕 ————————————————————— #LaGrandeAventureLEGO2 #LEGO #brickstep #AD

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3 days ago

Ghost Buster💚

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4 days ago

You without me ain’t right💋 Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Are you single or taken?🥰

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5 days ago

Pants from: @fashionnova💭|| I was more in the mood of posting something that represents me the most so here it is😂 Don’t forget to have fun, you have the chance to breathe, to see, to be alive okay? Sometimes I want all my problems to go away and the best way to do that is to make your brain think about something else. So I turn my music on and I dance. Even if i don’t know how to do it, even if I look ridiculous. It makes me feel strong and brave. Don’t forget to have fun loves and to take time for yourself I know you’re going through a lot but you’re gonna be okay♥️

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10 days ago

Purple?👾 Sometimes you need to take a break, internet can be amazing but also very toxic. We almost forget about our friends, family and school. Stay focus, think about yourself and the people around you. Take your time, take care please you might not see it but you are precious, you are amazing. Take as many breaks as you need, go out, breathe... Look at what’s around you.. Don’t listen to anyone and live your life how you want it to be. Don’t let anything or anyone steal your dreams. Do what they can’t. Okay? Fight for me! I’m back loves I really really missed y’all♥️

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18 days ago

@fashionnova || Your favorite French Girl👧🏻 Have you ever been to France ?♥️

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19 days ago

Guess who’s back hehe☺️💪🏻 Let’s vote! 1 or 2 ? Let me know which one is your favorite ♥️ Tag 3friends🐢 (@leaelui)

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20 days ago

Subscribe to my YouTube channel :) link in bio loves!!💕💕

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