3 days ago

These girls are crazy!! It’s freezing outside!!! 🌧

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8 days ago

Timber update!! Bruising is almost gone! She’s moving around well but having some phantom limb symptoms. Shes afraid to sit and lay down. We are making sure she gets all the love and help she needs! #dogmom #dogsofinstagram #timber #bonecancerdogs

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9 days ago

It’s game day!!! Excited to watch my little man on the field today!!! Go #2

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14 days ago

Timber update: Timbers leg was amputated Monday! She came home yesterday and has been doing great! She is getting lots of rest and lots of snuggles! Hoping once she’s done with all her meds and healed up she will be back to her spunky self! Thank you all who helped us and have been praying for our sweet pup!! #timber #timbersjourney #cancer #dogmom #hope #family

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28 days ago

Loving this ☀️

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1 month ago

Happy Easter!!! Poor hubby was sick and missed out on the fun!

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1 month ago

She loves her chickens

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1 month ago

Sweet treats

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1 month ago

Beach day

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