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2 days ago

22 years ago I held this sweet, powerful, beautiful little creature in my arms for the first time (after carrying her in my belly for nine months). I love you forever! Thanks for being my kid, Aurora. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday, and may your coming year and years and decades be filled with joy and self-discovery.

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4 days ago

Breaking the (Gender) Binary Feri Suite - Sat, 6 PM - PantheaCon Breaking the Binary is, in and of itself, a magickal act. It is personal, it is political, and it is spiritual for many of us - all at once. Join this panel discussion to hear about Breaking the Binary from an indigenous perspective, nonbinary implications for the "Great Rite," questioning the "way things are" from a nonbinary perspective, and more. Facilitated by Lasara Firefox Allen, featuring Kanyon Sayers-Roods and Ryan Kozisek. Feri Suite, Saturday 6pm (Thanks to Gennevie Q Herbranson and crew for hosting this workshop!) #breakingthebinary #breakingthegenderbinary #nb #nonbinary #nonbinarymagick #pantheacon2019 #pcon #pantheacon at PantheaCon

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4 days ago

Just finished my outline for my Building Consent Culture workshop tomorrow and am super excited! Hope to see you there. I know I have some stiff competition, but it’s gonna be great! Even if you attended last time I offered a similar workshop at PCon, you may want to come again. There will be new material, and the format is super interactive. We’ll also do a consent game! It’ll be at 1:30, just after opening ritual, in Carmel/Monterey rooms. (And yes, this is how I generally do it. I wait to write the outlines until the last minute. There are benefits to this approach, I promise.) #pantheacon2019 #pantheacon #pcon #consent #cultureofconsent #buildingconsentculture at PantheaCon

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23 days ago

Getting into the flow of things. (Not included: my work schedule!) #socialworkstudent

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