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@ladyofthelakeb  Shop, Cafe & Pub. A Legendary Local Treasure. Brandon, Manitoba

12 days ago

"You Had Me at Goat Cheese...⁣ Vibrationally high energy of the space, food and servers. You will taste textures, and spices I never knew could blend so well together. Was a dream to sit in the glorious surroundings, your 3rd eye Chakra and Sacrel will experience a feast for the body, mind and soul. The tarts will transport you to another realm, and the egg salade sandwich will leave you ready to conquer your fears. Great space, energy and friendliness." @thedivine_o_foodwithbenefits⁣ ⁣ Thanks for the @tripadvisor review!⁣ #ladyofthelake #shop #cafe #pub #youhadmeatgoatcheese #bdnmb #wineandcheese⁣ ⁣

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16 days ago

"Real food doesn't have ingredients. Real food IS ingredients." • Fresh Juice in the Cafe. Which combination is your favourite? • • Open Everyday • • #freshjuice #ladyofthelake #shop #cafe #pub

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