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@l.ucaspaz  I draw and stuff. ~Flashes⚡️ ‘22 ~...---...🆘 ~Art🍍 ~Trombone/Baritone 🎶 ~Peru!🇵🇪 ~Psalm 34:18

11 days ago

Araña Hombre! A Peruvian Spider man, Araña Hombre protects his ancient Incan homeland from evil invaders seeking to steal Incan gold! I might do a spider llama to go with him #spidersona #spiderman #art #sketch at Peru

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1 month ago

I haven’t played in the snow in forever

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2 months ago

Fun times ice skating (only true legends will understand the last picture) at Carmel Christkindlmarkt

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2 months ago

🐅I’ve really grown in my art skills throughout the past year. It’s been awesome being able to just relax myself by drawing things from pictures and focusing on all the little details that come together to make a finished product. #tiger #sketch 🐅

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3 months ago

Thanks to everyone throughout the season who watched me grow literally and in my playing skill, and especially my awesome section for supporting us freshies and teaching us how to do all this crazy marching stuff. The banquet was a nice way to end my first season. at Valle Vista Country Club

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3 months ago

Excelsior! Rest In Peace Stan #excelsior

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4 months ago

I’ve never done something on Halloween with friends before... thanks for inviting me @ann.u.marie ! Us freshman luv band at Royal Pin Expo

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4 months ago

Oh look I’ve done all three classes

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