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4 months ago

Décembre 2018 at Tenerife

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6 months ago

Ninkasi Whisky Experience 3/3 Showcasing of the product and design of the bottle fr. Mise en avant du produit et du design de la bouteille

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6 months ago

Ninkasi Whisky Experience 2/3 A visit to the Louis Chèze winery, origin of the oak barrels used for the ageing of the whisky fr. Visite du domaine viticole de Louis Chèze, lieu de provenance des fûts de chêne utilisés pour le vieillissement du whisky @ninkasifr

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6 months ago

Ninkasi Whisky Experience 1/3 Immersion in the distillery and meeting with Alban Perret, Master Distiller at @ninkasifr fr. Immersion dans la distillerie et rencontre avec Alban Perret, maître-distillateur

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6 months ago

Rural landscape

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6 months ago

Two years after the shooting I am still in love with this series from @woandwecollection studio

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6 months ago

Saint-Tropez Août 2018

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6 months ago

Dans les forêts d’Auvergne Juin 2018

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9 months ago

I met Zoé on the street in Lyon and I begged her to come to the studio. Here is her portrait, developed and scanned on the same day.

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10 months ago

Focaccia #120mm

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

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