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22 days ago

late happy birthday post cause this kid is my family and i wish i could squeeze him everyday. i love you Corey. @coreyo_hara

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29 days ago

one year ago today i took a bus from Hanover, New Hampshire back to Boston. i had just spent 100 days in a residential behavioral health program in Vermont. 100 days of regaining a will to be a living human on this planet. it is nearly impossible for me to grasp all of the ways my life has changed in the past year, all of the motion that began during those 100 days. it's forever motion. swirly spirally motion. some days it doesn't feel like motion, some days it just feels like i'm crying in a dressing room at a Goodwill in Austin instead of crying in a dressing room at a Goodwill in Boston. my body still hurts almost all of the time. and yet. and yet i'm also finding moments of joy. moments of relief. moments of connection. moments of love! moments of clarity. moments of acceptance. moments of inspiration. i'm feeling grateful this evening. i'm feeling grateful for all of the people who have shown me love and kindness. the people who have taken care of me. the people who have been so, so patient with me. the people who have held me, made phone calls for me, accompanied me to the hospital, fed me, listened to me, loaned me money, loaned me a car, shared their homes with me, shared themselves with me. thank you. thank you. thank you. i love y'all 🌻 here's to some more swirls and spirals and overalls #depression #anxiety #chronicpain #recovery #somanyselfies

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1 month ago

this magical child was born 8 years ago today and my life has been sweeter for it every day since. on Christmas day she asked me: Olivia: "do you sometimes have big emotions?" me: "YES" Olivia: "i thought so. you're gonna LOVE your present from me" the gift was a notebook and on the first page she wrote: "Juli's book of emotions. for when you have really big feelings". i felt seen and loved and so so so excited and honored to know and love this kiddo. feliz cumpleaños Oli 🎂🍦🧁

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5 months ago

momma came out for a trailer sleepover and part of my weekend ritual is to eat breakfast at the Comfort Cafe, a magical and colorful restaurant run by folks in recovery, a place where i am filled up with hope for my own recovery, a place where i can talk about the joys and difficulties of sobriety, about codependency, about mental illness, about spirituality, about pancakes, about tiny dinosaur shaped coffee cream holders, about the weather, about crystals and stones and love and care bears and gender and butter and raspberry vinaigrette. it was special to share this place with my madre and to marvel together at the human spirit and art and the interconnectedness of all things. #sentimentaljuli #colors #mosaic #comfortcafe #serenitystarranch #recovery #motherdearest #madremia #pancakes #yum at Smithville, Texas

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6 months ago

happy birthday Nick! the sun rays that woke me up this morning felt like a morning hug from you. and this lil tattoo in your memory whispers love notes into my ear every time i stretch. you are a magical light in this world and i miss you and i love you. at Smithville, Texas

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8 months ago

my new trailer mate 😻taking care of non-human animals has always been therapeutic for me. i have a bucketful of issues with the pet trade, but i think cohabiting with other critters can teach us a lot about the interconnectedness of all things, keep us laughing, and provide a sense of love and companionship. my cat, who snuggled me through the deepest darkest parts of my depression, is living with my mom currently because i live in the woods where there are beautiful native birds who were here long before me and my hunter kitty (thanks mom!). i'm very excited to have a new friend to talk to :) #curlyhairedtarantula #arachnid #countryqueers #newfriends #colorfulcurtains #petlove #letsmolt👯 at Smithville, Texas

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8 months ago

new moon in gemini mañana. the sign of creative manifestation. a perfect time to celebrate one of my nearest and dearest geminis Madi @womandaughter_ who lately has been pouring her creative energy into a fabulous project called @artsnackartsnack , an art vending machine that sells original handmade art all under $20. you can back art snack on kickstarter right now and for the next 12 days!!!! check out their groovy video (link to kickstarter in my bio for the duration of the campaign!) in the twin spirit of gemini, i have chosen some madi + juli twinsies photos for this post. i could go on and on about how much i love her and what an incredible artist she is, but it would never be enough, so this will have to do. at United States

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9 months ago

this mornings' full moon has me thinking about my hopes and dreams and creative pursuits [and how long my hair is getting]. my power deck (made by @vanwaring they are truly magical thank you Van!) suggested that i start somewhere, which is a great reminder for me because my anxious brain tends to think in all or nothing terms, like get it all done RIGHT NOW or don't even try. today i'm going to ask my inner acorn for guidance and plant one tiny seed. water it with love. love y'all. #fullmooninsagittarius #startsomewhere #powerdeck #magic #elvishair #goodmorning at Austin, Texas

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9 months ago

hi friendz. on tuesday morning i hopped in the car, (my mom's car, thanks mom!) said hey to the moon (as depicted in this image, thanks moon!) and now i'm in new york state visiting my dad (thanks dad!). tomorrow i'm driving to boston and there will be some lovely (likely foggy) music being made in my ex-backyard (thanks Leah!) in the evening. come say hi/bye if you want to! i'm moving away. and it's been so swell. i want to sing to you to say thank you for being so swell. 54 woodlawn st jamaica plain (right by the forrest hills t stop) 8 pm música starts. Nick Pope, Outer States, Holly McGarry of Honeysuckle on the line up. 😽😽😽 #music #hellogoodbye #austintoboston #bostontoaustin #fog #gratitude #daditude at Smithville, Texas

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