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6 days ago

Things usually take time to achieve. We had a side project in mind when we went to Uyuni last year. It was short dance film. We did a first attempt of shooting during one sunset. We only wanted to give one day to that project because the list of things we wanted to shoot there was long πŸ˜‰ It ended up being quite challenging. And cold, as expected. The sharp ground was a surprise though, as the conditions out there didn't allow us to go where we wanted. It was quite difficult for me and at the end I didn't feel satified at all with what I did, without gaving seen any footage. It was just a "I know I could have done better" type of feeling. I was frustrated that I couldn't move the way I envisioned because of the freezing water and painful ground to move on. Or my capacity to adapt to those circumstances. At that point I was blaming myself for not being prepared enough. But that's a waste of energy. Now I know I want to go back and try again, to finish that project or use the experience we gained to serve a new project. By @ericparephoto 😊 at Salar De Uyuni - Bolivia

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25 days ago

Observing, letting beauty & silence sink in I don't get bored easilly when I'm in nature. And if I do so I kind of appreciate it. You? By @ericparephoto

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1 month ago

Most of the time when we shoot giant sunset like this, we don't necessarely have good conditions to use walkie talkies to communicate. Being far and not being able to hear each other means we each do our best and meet afterwards to see the result and talk about the experience, hopefully in order to learn and be better the next time 😊 We also have some physical signs so @ericparephoto can give me indications. I bet that would be interresting to film at some point πŸ˜‰ #handstandpractice #inversion #upsidedown

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1 month ago

A very short yet intense moment of shooting. It probably only lasted a few minutes. . As Eric was going to the camera to do some adjustments, I kept the trigger and tried to catch a lightning in the sky. It was such a thrill to be just there, waiting and trying to react quick enough. I got at least one. That's what I called #teamwork πŸ’ͺ With @ericparephoto ⚑

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

What is your favorite place to shoot at? We've been asked that question earlier this morning when teaching a workshop to a group of creative students. So I'm asking you now. What is your favorite place? Picture by @ericparephoto sand in the face by #deathvalley #sanddunes πŸ˜†

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