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Opening night at @agoradanse Territoires by Lucie Gregoire I'll be sharing the stage with amazing and inspiring performers, with one of them being part the reasons why I dance today. I realised just recently that he was the stunning performer I related to a few years ago when I saw my first contemporary dance show ever. I still remember the feeling I had when watching him dance I naively thought: "I could do that. I want to do that" It was another small early step that would get me into the journey I'm in today. Picture by Angelo Barsetti

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"Lands where the light and the horizon create a feeling of infinity render man as both significant and inconsequential, opening up new dimensions within the self." ~ Lucie GrΓ©goire about the piece Territoires These words describe a piece I'll be performing in this week, although it feels like they could've been my own. I strongly feel that every place I see, hear and feel leave a trace within me that I carry along everywhere through my journey. Pictures by @ericparephoto

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13 days ago

Sometimes I get bored of myself and I become conscious of my movement/pose patterns during shootings. In those moments I try to spice it up and I give myself a challenge, allowing my creativity to make mistakes but still trying something new. Here are 2 exemples. Usually it's not perfect the first time but Eric sees the potential and get as stimulated as I am! #lightpainting & picture by @ericparephoto #night_photography #lightart #fall #ig_colors #ig_longexpo

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"You have to be a leader. What are we looking at? We're looking for the best qualities in humanity. We're looking for courage, fearlessness, kindness, compassion. [...] When you think "I'm a dancer" NO! You wan to be a poet! So that you're taking people into ideas, not steps." ~Alonzo King @linesballet πŸ’• #dancersofinstagram #dancerlife #foodforthoughts

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29 days ago

Right after the sun disappeared πŸ”†

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2 months ago

β€’Resist the obvious β€’Be curious β€’Don't judge what you're doing yet ~ a few reminders for when I'm improvising or in a creative process πŸ’™ Do you feel you can relate to these in any way? πŸ“·@ericparephoto

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