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@kendall_tripathi  Queer Femme||Fire Sign Co-adventurer @wehikecalifornia Farmer’s wife @freshtofarming faith. farms. dogs. rivers. trails. backroads. Sonoma County, Ca.

20 days ago

01.28.19//: 2019 is going to be a year of snow flurries on sunny desert days, sudden rainstorms on hot beaches and all the other lovely, unexpecteds. I am so here for it. #thisis33 #claimitgood #firesign #queerfemme (all the love to my forever 📷 @freshtofarming)

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1 month ago

01.16.19//: Ten years ago today, you passed on from this world and everything split open. It has been a decade having to figure out how to do life with heart wounds that never quite healed. You have brought so much to my life, so many bright souls who reflected back the light I felt in your presence. Through this chosen family, I feel you still. Your strength, your unwavering support, and above all else, your radical, fierce love. I will never cease missing you, Sheri. I will always continue to search for our hellos. Love you today and all days. You are forever in my heart boo.

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