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@kateamy14  πŸŒ΄ 26 bribie island. Beauty Therapist JPSπŸ’š. Pole Dancer- Will find a pole anywhere I go. Family are my everythingπŸ’š Aaron & Lucie @beautybykate_jps

5 days ago

What an inspirational lady! πŸ’•πŸ’• The last 2 days Lia has been training and refreshing my knowledge in basic and advanced skin education! I have completed a number of skin courses, but the way Lia trains and explains skin is phenomenal! I have never been so educated in skin like Lia helped me. Now the fun part, to apply it to help clients skin conditions and skin health--@jpshair This course is worth gold--@skin_education_international. I cannot thank you enough Lia!

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3 months ago

This year sure was a life changing one! Started out a little on a low but ended amazing! Aaron and I both changing jobs for the better, buying our first house, and lots of learning curves and life lessons. I have met some of the most beautiful, loving girls this year as well, which I am so very lucky to have met πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• you girls know who you are 😘 Next year is going to be a big one! We will be moving into our first very own home. Cannot wait to start building our family home! Life is a rollercoaster but the bad things make you stronger as a person as long as you don't forget the lesson from it. Cannot wait to see what 2019 will bring! Positivity, fun and a new home 🏑 πŸ’• Happy new year everyone! Have a fun but safe one πŸ’•

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3 months ago

I am someone that will try my best to please everyone. In the end, you need to do what you need do for your happiness. I am still that same person, but when it comes to you being drained, when it comes to you giving and giving--you need to stop and take care of yourself. Your happiness is the most important thing 🌞 Don't let anyone drain your happiness 🌞🌞 . #happiness #iamcontent #takecontrolofyourlife #positivelife #iamlucky #happytimes #holidays

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4 months ago

I am so happy seeing my longest best friend so in love and happy, you have found the love of your life and you both are absolutely perfect for each other! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Love is very hard to find but you can see the unconditional love beam from both of your faces. Congratulations on your engagement, I am absolutely ecstatic to see you so happy! Love you @courtney.earner Xxx

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4 months ago

We did it!! 🏑 After months and months of saving and working hard, we now own our block of land and are starting our first build! Couldn't of done it without you @aaron.butt! πŸ’œ . Have so many people to thank for helping us achieve our goal. My parents for letting us move in while we build, Aaron's parents for walking us through so many processes and pushing us forward, Brendan for also guiding us in the direction we needed to go. Our mortgage broker, couldn't of done it without her. And our whole family for the support! . The next couple of months is going to be a great adventure of creating our family home! Cannot wait! . . . . . #firsthome #building #sold #wegotthere #ourhome #land

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