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2 days ago

• •⛰✨🌊• Crystal Cove • I’ve decided that Indonesia is the most ideal vacation destination. Here’s why, cheap food (delicious and healthy too) insanely blue water, perfect surf, majestic mountains and lush jungles all for very cheap too. Writing this caption’s making me want to book my ticket right away. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Nusa Penida Island

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4 days ago

• •⛰☁️✨• Cut and Carved • Currently laying in a tent, 4 hours into the back country on the edge of a cliff that’s overlooking a 1000ft drop into a canyon. Fingers crossed I don’t roll too much in my sleep. In other news here’s an insane photo of one of Iceland’s many marvelous canyons not unlike the one I’m currently gazing into. Looking forward to exploring this area tomorrow. #whpvibes Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Iceland

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5 days ago

• •⛰✨☁️• Majestic Mane• Went up Kloof’s Corner yesterday morning underneath the cover of thick fog only to burst out above the clouds to this insane view. I can see why they call it Lion’s Head. With a silky mane made of clouds, this majestic beast looks absolutely stunning as it floats in the sky. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Lions Head Mountain Capetown

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6 days ago

• •🚐✨❄️• Dune Dasher • I’ve recently been falling in love with a much more minimalist style of photography. So the incredibly clean Atlantic Dunes (only a short drive from Cape Town) made for the perfect playground to exercise my creative muscles. Big thanks to @matty.snaps for showing us around his very beautiful backyard and supplying A-grade banter. From a stunning morning ripping around with @giuligartner. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Cape Town, Western Cape

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7 days ago

• •⛰✨⛰• Clean Cut • Looking back at my photos from Hawaii make me jealous...... of myself. Can’t wait to go back and explore this magical coastline again. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Hawaii

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8 days ago

• •✨⛰🦅• Liquid Light • The sunsets down here in Cape Town have been nothing short of amazing. Insane to think that this view is only a 5 minute walk away from an ice cold beer and a hearty meal. It feels like every new place I go becomes my new favorite but I promise this one’s really magical. Thanks for scrambling across these rocks with me @giuligartner. PS the bird is real. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Cape Town, Western Cape

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9 days ago

• •🛶🏔✨• Shoreline Shakedowns • Here’s a cheeky little couple of photos of yet again the most aesthetically pleasing mountain I’ve ever photographed. If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, make sure to save a couple of days to hop on the Train to Fuji. You’ll get your fill on quaint aesthetically pleasing temples with probably the most suitable of backgrounds - Sengen Sama in all her beautiful glory. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Shojiko Lake

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11 days ago

• •🚐✨🏔• Night Voyager • Sometimes,when I go through my images from Iceland, I can hardly believe I got to experience this in person. The aurora borealis are an absolutely breathtaking phenomenon that no doubt will leave a lasting impression on you if you ever get to experience them. @H0rdur drove a total of 4 hours in one night just so we could see them. Talk about time well invested. Swipe right to see a time-lapse of them dancing through the sky. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Iceland

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12 days ago

#Ad •⛰✨🌊 • Shine and Shade • Golden hour always seems so fleeting. One moment you’re waiting for the light to get perfect, the next, you’re left wondering how the light slipped through your fingers and dipped below the horizon so quickly. @Jackharding, @giuligartner and I spotted this light as it danced between the sea-stacks and were lucky to capture it before it disappeared. Happy with how crispy the shots turned out, thanks to the insane sensor on @CanonUSA’s #EOSRebelT7i. #shootforgreatness. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Lisbon, Portugal

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13 days ago

• •✨🏔❄️• Turning Tides • It’s crazy to think that these two images were only taken 20 minutes apart from each other. Out in the dramatic wonderland of the Norwegian fjords, you have to stay with your camera ready on your hip because you never know when the sky might explode into a light show. From an epic adventure in Norway with @alliemtaylor and @giuligartner. Which do you prefer? For some reason, the cold image speaks to me Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Reine

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15 days ago

• •🌴🌴🌴✨•Lookin Lush • If you know me, you know I’m a little obsessive about curating my photos in 3 color schemes. Warm, cool and green. Over the last couple of months, I’ve visited too many winter destinations and fallen a little behind on collecting my beloved lush green sizzlers. Happy to say that later this year, I’ve got a couple of plans to make up for this abysmal mishap. I’m headed to St Lucia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii and French Polynesia later on. Looking forward to sharing even more lush jungles and rich landscapes. For now, here’s some magic from December in Hawaii. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Oahu Life

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18 days ago

#Ad •✨🏔✨• Mountainous Majesty • Early this morning @oscarminyo and I went for a little bike ride around lake Kawaguchi. Our short little stint was rewarded with stunning views well worth our little effort. Packed along @wandrd’s new packable bag to keep my gear load nice and light. Here’s a couple of impressions from my time out. Big thanks to @wandrd for the constant support over the last couple of years. Would mean the world to me if you could check out the details of the VEER by clicking the link in their bio. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! at Kawaguchiko, Fuji, Japan

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